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We Are All Jerkfaces: Together We Can Prevent It. With God's Help We Can Heal It

My wife recently reminded me of a time I was an absolute jerkface to her early in our marriage.

That was not right.

I was wrong.

This past Sunday, I was a jerkface to my oldest daughter.

That was not right.

I was wrong.

My friend recently told me I was being a jerkface to my other friends.

That was not right.

I was wrong.

We are all jerkfaces. I don't want us to be jerkfaces to each other.

So, when we are, we need to tell each other its not right.

When leaders we follow are jerkfaces, we need to tell them.

When people who follow us are jerkfaces, we need to tell them.

We're all forgiven through Christ on the cross for being jerkfaces to God, so we don't need to defend ourselves.

Admit it, apologize, and practice being better.

And if you see me being a jerkface, tell me. It'll prevent me from become a super jerkface and spawning jerkface kids who make jerkface communities who foster jerkface countries in a jerkface world.

Ultimately, we can't stop being jerkfaces. We want to be jerkfaces. So, we need a new heart, a heart that no longer wants to be a jerkface.

On the cross, Jesus gave us His heart.

To receive it, all we must do is ask for him to do the heart transplant.

If we have that new heart already, we need to ask him to heal it.

If we've received that healing, we can help others heal.

Special thanks to Ivan Alfaro for coining the term jerkface.

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