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Will You Transform A Life & Volunteer Somewhere?

Are you giving your life to someone by volunteering somewhere in your community? 
A few months back, my friend Issac Ingram contacted me about helping him with a short film project to inspire others to volunteer in their local communities. Issac has served in a youth detention center outreach organization (Team Freedom Outreach) to give young delinquents hope and to steer them away from a life of crime. 
When President Barrack Obama completed his presidency he broadcasted a message to share ideas, needs, and opportunities about what it means to be a good citizen. They'd review the submissions and as part of his and Michelle's post-presidency mission would work in the community to make a positive difference for others. 
With an idea brewing for years, Issac wanted to boldly ask not just the Obama's but also George W. and Laura Bush to team up together and produce a video encouraging Americans across the country to volunteer in their local communities. Obama's video message was the catalyst to inspire Issac to act now.
He teamed up with the director he had been discussing the project with for years and they scripted and scheduled the shooting. I spent one of the days of shooting helping out and playing a volunteer for the short film which depicts a young man's life altered by volunteers who poured their lives into his. Here's this finished short film with an introduction by Issac.
If you want to volunteer but don't know where to get started Gwinnett Church has made it easier then ever to get involved in our community through the NorthPoint Be Rich campaign. Click here to find serving opportunities throughout metro Atlanta. 
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