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James Karwisch & Jason Montoya

What Could Twenty Three Days Of Blogging Do For You Or Your Business?

I'm a believer in the power of blogging for individuals and companies. Going through the process of writing and publishing my thoughts is a powerful one, and it also helps me create something of value that can aid my personal and professional endeavors. To do it effectively, I also need to create something compelling, inspiring, or insightful for you the reader or I end up talking to myself.

It's an interesting ecosystem, but one I wish I had started over a decade ago. Instead, I truly launched into writing a blog regularly in 2014, shortly after shutting down my marketing company. It was this activity that helped launch and sustain a successful freelancing career. Nine months into writing my blog and five months into freelancing my good friend James Karwisch reached out to me via Twitter to meet. I had recently followed him on Twitter after seeing him do a doodle from an Andy Stanley sermon. Here are my tweet and his comment.

We ended up getting together at Willy's Mexican Grill (Our favorite lunch place) and he created a doodle sketch of what I shared with him. Shortly after our extended meal, he made the jump from corporate America to full-time freelancing. During his new journey, he joined the team at DuMore Improv providing leadership and relationship skills training as a coach and facilitator. While this has been a prosperous journey for him, it can also be a seasonal one. So, during the slower times he leverages his availability to supplement his income with freelance work.

His peak season of training is now coming to a close, so I suggested to him that he write for a month every day to establish and grow his personal brand. This way, when this season of non-peak capacity kicks in on the leadership development business, he'll have extra capacity to serve clients as a freelancer. As a digital artist, he creates infographics, does graphic design, and creates supplemental materials (Presentations, PDFs, Wordpress websites) to help businesses more effectively communicate what they do and why they do it. (If this sounds like something you want or need, reach out to him or let me know and I'll be happy to make an introduction.)

Well, he agreed to the blogging challenge and I agreed to join him during the month of August. We decided to stick with weekdays to give us some breathing room. By the end of the month, we'll have written a total of twenty-three articles. While this will help him grow his freelancing client base, I'm currently NOT accepting new clients (currently at capacity). So for me, it's more about growing my platform by increasing the volume of visitors and the number of articles indexed by the search engines. Through the exercise, I create more exposure for Path Of The Freelancer and other side projects in my pipeline.

This is my first post for the new challenge. Here is Jim's first post in the challenge.

I'd encourage you to join us over the course of the month to help you or your business grow.

Weekday Blogging Challenge

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