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How To Effectively Transition From Freelancer To Small Business Owner [For StartupNation]

After launching a small business, and effectively tackling freelancing, I've discovered a powerful way to position a business from strength. Not wanting to build another company was the constraint that illuminated this strategy.

Debt is a great parallel to this reality. When we buy things with it, we are doing so with a short and long-term disadvantage. Not only do we pay interest, but when we finish paying for it, we start from scratch financially. This usually perpetuates us leveraging debt to get what we want, causing us to pay significantly more for everything. It doesn't have to be this way, and you don't want to start your business from this position.

In this guest article for StartupNation, I explore how I'm uniquely positioned now as a freelancer to build a strong business (even though I don't intend to), and how you can learn from that dynamic to do the same. Or, to discover how wonderful freelancing can truly be.

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