How We Work Together

How We Work Together

We will work in "batches" of 10 hours. With an hourly rate of $90, each batch has a commitment of $900. Here is a quick breakdown of how this batch cycle works.
1. Batch Starting Point

With a starting point selected, we will begin our project. If there is not enough direction to begin execution, we will spend time discovering our actions. You can expect to receive an invoice, due NET 10.
2. Communication Checkpoints

With our project underway, each batch will have two formal communication updates. When we reach 3 and 7 hours, you can expect a quick update of our progress.
3. Cap Ending Point

Once we finish our 10 hours, you will receive a final update for the batch. This will include our progress and what we could work on in a subsequent batch. Work will pause at this point.
4. Subsequent Batches

With clear direction on our next steps, you can choose to continue, pause or stop. If and when you choose to proceed, the cycle will start over.

This is a brief summary of the process. If you would like an in depth summary of this IDEMA Action Management system,

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