Social Media Taboo: How To Find Your Voice & Keep It Professional

Social Media Taboo: How To Embrace Your Voice & Keep It Professional

This post was inspired by my speaking event for the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association.
What in the world does it mean to find "your voice" and use it on social media? And how do we do this mysterious thing while maintaining our professionalism? And, what matters more, being memorable, or being professional? 
I don't believe we should avoid talking about certain topics (religion, politics, or money) on social media, but I do believe we should do so with discernment and a drive towards unity (not dissension). There are times when we speak on matters that will cause controversy and backlash even we seek unity, but I think we ought to present our case with openness and a willingness to engage on the topic. I also think certain channels are more appropriate for different categories of discussion. And Lastly, we also need to hone in our voice and approach when we're speaking on behalf of our company, which likely won't always share our values or approach. 
So, how do we figure this all out? 
Let's start with a story.

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What Are The Benefit For Marketers Using Quora?

What Are The Benefits For Marketers Using Quora?

As a result of writing my first book, one of my marketing strategies for building authority and creating awareness was to consistently answer questions on Quora about freelancing. The endeavor was successful within the Quora community. In fact, I rose in ranks with this writing experiment getting listed as number four in the top freelance contributors list after answering fifty-nine freelancing questions. At least two of my answers went out in the weekly email digest and I currently have forty-thousand views across all my answers over all time (this count includes twenty non-freelancing questions)

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Where Does Weekday Blogging Take Me In The Month Of October?

Where Does Weekday Blogging Take Me In The Month Of October?

Today, month three of the weekday blogging challenge continues with twenty-two posts to be penned in the month of October. So far, I've published on the previous forty-four weekdays, so by this month's end, I'll have written sixty-six blogs in three months.
My friend Jim Karwisch and I began this journey in August. In September, we invited several others to join us. Craig Haynie, & Allison Miller were the only two from the new group to make it through the entire month writing each weekday.  For October, Jim, Craig, and I will continue the challenge with the addition of my friend Addison Williams
I've definitely enjoyed running alongside others bloggers as part of this challenge. It adds a level of energy, accountability, and focus to the endeavor, making it more enjoyable and meaningful. As I enter into my next month of writing, I'm reflecting on my vision for the month. Where do I expect this writing to take me by month's end?

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My Reflections After 44 Days Of Weekday Blogging

My Reflections After 44 Days Of Weekday Blogging

Today I enter the weekend as part of my blogging halftime for the weekday blogging challenge. I've spent two months blogging each weekday accumulating a total of 44 new blog posts, which is more than I did in all of 2016. With my total word count, I've essentially written an entire book's worth of words. While it has been a challenging two months, it's exciting to excel at this level. When I look back at my work, I can't help but feel a deep sense of satisfying accomplishment. I'm proud of what I've created.

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Why I'm Continuing This Writing Madness (Weekday Blogging)

Why I'm Continuing This Writing Madness (Weekday Blogging)

It's selfish of us to horde our wisdom. If we care about others, we have a sense of duty to share our life experiences and insights for the benefit of others. Creating a beyond-us system is the aim of the eighth achievement from my book, Path Of The Freelancer. Also, we can't fully understand something until we've taught both learning students and teaching teachers. So what are you doing about sharing your wisdom?

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