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What Could Twenty Three Days Of Blogging Do For You Or Your Business?

I'm a believer in the power of blogging for individuals and companies. Going through the process of writing and publishing my thoughts is a powerful one, and it also helps me create something of value that can aid my personal and professional endeavors. To do it effectively, I also need to create something compelling, inspiring, or insightful for you the reader or I end up talking to myself.

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Making Quora Work For Writers

Making Quora Work For Writers

I’ve recently written a book about flourishing as a freelancer. As part of my strategy to build awareness for the upcoming release, I decided to more seriously dive into the Quora community.


If you’re not familiar with Quora, it’s a place to “gain and share knowledge”. People ask questions and other people answer those questions. The best answers rise to the top of the pack.

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This Simple Idea Will Help You Keep Your Blog Active

While fruitful, maintaining a blog is hard work and can be time consuming. To make it easier, I've begun testing the idea of doing "quickbits" which are short direct and helpful blog posts. This idea helps us quickly create content for our blogs.

In conversing with others, we tend to have insights, ideas and epiphanies. The next time this happens, capture the insight and spend 5-10 minutes writing it into a short simple blog post. The difficulty of writing is usually thinking and challenging the insight. Since we're doing this in our conversation, the hard part is done. Let's harvest our fruit by writing and sharing it.
This blog post is an example of this idea in action and came as from a discussion with my friend Jim Karwisch (Applied Improv Strategist). In fact, this idea is so quick, I was able to rewrite it after I accidentally deleted my first draft.

Three Simple Actions To Benefit From LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a robust resource and for this reason, it can be overwhelming to know how to use it effectively. Here are three simple actions I take with LinkedIn that have been fruitful for me and others.

  1. Share Resources: For those of us already reading and consuming great digital content, sharing on LinkedIn is only a click away. This is easy and helpful, just do it!
  2. Say Happy Birthday & Congrats: With birthdays every year, we have the opportunity to connect with everyone in our network at least once. Make them feel special and keep them in mind with a simple Happy Birthday. For people I know better, I'll also congratulate them on new jobs and promotions.
  3. Interact with others: Like, comment and share on what others do in LinkedIn. It's great for relationships and helps keep us top of mind. 

5-10 minutes per day doing this three simple tasks helps us connect with people we know, and it keeps us on the top of their mind should they need our services down the road. If you're not doing this, ask yourself why.

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