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What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From The Firing Of Star Wars Director Colin Trevorrow

What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From The Firing Of Star Wars Director Colin Trevorrow

Star Wars: The Last Jedi (#8) arrives this December from director Rian Johnson. In the midst of this exciting new chapter in the latest Star Wars trilogy, production troubles came to the forefront. Colin Trevorrow, director, and co-writer of Star Wars Episode IX was fired by Lucasfilm as a result of bad collaboration and a problematic proposed script. The future of the final film in this new trilogy is in the hands of returning director J.J. Abrams (The Force Awakens).

If you've been following Star Wars news, you're also aware that the directors of the upcoming Han Solo prequel were also fired and replaced by seasoned director Ron Howard. You can read my blog about what freelancers can learn from that situation, here.

In this post, I will be providing my insights on the matter with friend Addison Williams. Addison, a writer, and marketing entrepreneur with an MFA in screenwriting.

As we dive into this topic, we’ll each provide our insight on the various milestones in the process of hiring and firing the ninth Star Wars film director, Colin Trevorrow. As we share our take, we’ll also link it to the powerful lessons entrepreneurs can take from these public business scenarios.

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Formula For Intetionality

How To Setup Your Business For Success

Many go into business with the intent to succeed, but few endure long enough to arrive at sustainable flourishing. In a previous blog post and the Path Of The Freelancer book, I dive into the Formula for Intentionality as the foundation for building a business that lasts. As you see in the graphic above, this foundation is firmly rooted in knowing our purpose, vision, mission and core values. In this post, we'll explore these concepts.

Let's Get At It! 

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The Value Of Organically Growing Our Business

The Value Of Organically Growing Our Business

I've been working with business owners for over a decade in a variety of contexts, and one common denominator I've come across is the drive to artificially accelerate the growth of the business by skipping the planning phase, leveraging debt, and/or living off of comfortable income streams. 
When business owners get ahead of themselves, they miss the beauty and important lessons that come with intentional organic growth. 

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When Building Your Business, Why & How You Build It Matter [for Harpoon]

When Building Your Business, Why & How You Build It Matter [for Harpoon]

Earlier this year, as a result of my Quora question answering, I was connected to the co-founder of Harpoon (affiliate link). He saw my freelancing answers on Quora and asked to get listed on the Path Of The Freelancer toolbox page. I did add their financial management software to the directory, but our relationship didn't end there.

Eventually, I got to know him, his company and his software further and the more I learned, the more enticed I was towards what they were doing. Ironically, it felt in many ways like they designed their software after reading my book, but neither of us had heard of each other. It was a happy coincidence of alignment and as a result, I switched to using Harpoon for my freelancing business. They invited me to write an article on their blog, so here it is.

You can read 'When Building Your Business, Why & How You Build It Matter', here.

Three Ways to Boost your Sales Effectiveness

Three Ways to Boost your Sales Effectiveness [For PipelineDeals]

Early in the Noodlehead Marketing journey, I needed a tool to help me manage my contacts and sales pipeline. Originally I ended up using the simple CRM, Highrise. After awhile I needed a CRM that offered more functionality and reporting and eventually found the wonderful tool PipelineDeals (Affiliate Link).

Up until we shut down the company, this was the tool we used to help us organize and manage our sales pipeline and this partner was a perfect fit. Each time, they'd roll out updates and improvements they'd be right in line with what we needed. It was neat to work alongside a company which shared similiar values and approaches to the way we work. In addition to using their tool, I interacted with their team often, provided video testimonials and became a regular ambassador for their brand to those I met here in Atlanta.

In the last several months, I've been reaching out to others to help create exposure for Path Of The Freelancer. It was a no brainer for me to reach out to my friends at PipelineDeals and ask them if I could write a guest blog post. They accepted the request and after working out the details, the blog post about how to effectively boost sales effectiveness is now live. If you're in sales it's a insightful read. If not, share it with someone you know who is in sales.

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