In early 2016, the owner of a hospitality company contacted me about helping him grow his business. He was using Hubspot, an inbound marketing software, with powerful email automation functionality. I quickly got up to speed on this software and began leveraging it, and various other technologies, to help grow my client's income, augment his staff, and coach him on how to navigate the online business world.

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As a result of our creative and effective work, the Hubspot staff began referring small business owners my way, and I quickly became the go-to Hubspot consultant and freelancer, even speaking at the Atlanta Hubspot User Group. In the years working with multiple clients on the Hubspot platform, I've positively transformed companies in a variety of ways including helping a major Atlanta marketing agency develop a Hubspot department. To help you grow your business, I've written the following lessons and insights.

Leverage Automation Technology To Grow Your Business & Eliminate Unnecessary Staff Labor
How To Re-engage Those Dormant Contacts Before Your Hubspot Renewal
Use This Marketing Step To Qualify & Prioritize Volumes Of Incoming Leads
Four Powerful Ways Companies & Freelancers Can Effectively Work Together [For Hubspot]

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