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How The Iceberg Effect Illuminates How Much We Don't Know


The Iceberg effect is a visual metaphor to help us more realistically face life and work.

Any time we face a project, relationship, friend, employee, church, or anything, the top of the iceberg is what we can immediately see.

For example, when watching a political presidential debate we see the top of the iceberg for the candidates we're interested in supporting.

When we start a new project, we think it will only take 2 weeks, when in reality it's a 2 month long project.

When we have experience in a particular area, we visualize what the iceberg looks below the tip of the iceberg. While we don't know for sure, we can reasonably anticipate the unknowns that are likely and unlikely to happen. This helps us better anticipate the successes and failures we'll face.

No matter how experienced and knowledgeable we are, we will inevitably face the unexpected unknowns in life, work and projects. It's the deep abyss with no end. It could be something or it could be nothing. 

In 2001, numerous New York companies planned for what they knew and what they expected could happen to mitigate their risk and maximize their chances of success. At the end of the day, they did not expect a group of terrorists to attack the world trade towers and change their entire lives.

It is wise for us to plan for what we know, what we anticipate and a little extra for for the complete unknown. Outside of this, it requires we trust in something more powerful than the unanticipated unknowns.

For me, I choose to trust in God. How about you?


Do You Know Your Four Intrinsic Desires Of The Heart?

Do You Know Your Four Intrinsic Desires Of The Heart?

I've noticed an intrinsic human pattern of four fundamental desires in each of us. 

The first is our desire to survive. It's quite simple, we don't want to die. In America, we're definitely insulated from what it truly means to survive, so survival for us is being healthy enough to work so we can generate enough income to pay our bills.  

Next is our desire for enjoyment.  With some breathing room from survival, we want relief and enjoyment. At some point, we'll find our pursuit of pleasure lacking in significance leading us to seek out our next desire. 
We want purpose and to make a difference. We're seeking meaning, our third desire. When survival and pleasure is not enough, we want to help others. 
Lastly is our desire for achievement. We want to accomplish something difficult or seemingly impossible. We not only want to survive, have fun and embrace meaning, we want to succeed. 
Learning to understand where we're filling these desires and where we're starving is critical to our contentment. 
A trap we fall into is expecting our spouse, work, child or friend to provide all four of these desires for us. We place an unrealistic burden on something or someone who can never be what we expect. 
Another trap we fall into is when we go to the extreme of focusing on only one of these desires while ignoring the others. 
Having a source to fill us when we're empty is vital, and we'll find these desires to be a blessing or a curse depending on what source we choose. 
Define Success

This One Thing Helps Us Stop Wondering If We're Failing


When we don't know if we're failing or succeeding at something, we tend to feel like a failure. We could be giving a great effort and making progress but still feel this way.
There's a simple action to stop feeling this way.
Define success.
When we know what it means to succeed, we know when we're succeeding or failing. We no longer wonder, we know. Knowing allows us to do something about it.
When it comes to my work, success on a weekly basis is the number of paid hours I execute. Success for me is logging more than 23 hours of paid work. At the end of the week, this number let's me know if I succeeded or failed. If I failed, I change my actions for the following week to achieve the goal. If this failure negatively affected someone else, I apologize.
So, next time you feel like a failure about something, ask yourself what it looks like when you've won. From there, ideas will come to mind on how to move forward.


Vision Pulls Us To The Finish Line When Nothing Else Will

Vision Pulls Us To The Finish Line When Nothing Else Will

What Is Vision?

Vision is our WHERE. 

It is where we believe we will find ourselves at the end of a particular journey.

Vision pulls us forward. It is the doorway of what we see at our destination. It is what we believe living out our beliefs will manifest into.

Vision is what pulls us forward when feelings and thoughts are telling us to quit. It is what we hope in that keeps us going, and it includes those we care about.

Is there something you’ve quit?

A business?

A Marriage?

A Dream?

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What Is Within Us? Our Core Values!

What Is Within Us? Our Core Values!

What are core values?

They come from within us and originate from the source of our creation. They are guidelines of how we believe we, and others, ought to live. They are what we determine as most important in life.  They are a set of our core beliefs founded on what we have determined to be of the highest priority truth.

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