My Commentary On Why The Universe Is The Way It Is

Why The Universe Is The Way It Is: My Commentary

This is my first book commentary on the blog.

Several months back I was gifted a copy of Why The Universe Is The Way It Is (Affiliate Link) by Hugh Ross from his organization Reasons To Believe. I recruited a friend to join me on my journey of reading it, and as I progressed through the book, I shared my commentary for each chapter on Facebook.

Now, I've concluded the book and have embedded all the posts I made here in one blog page for easy reading and sharing. Feel free to jump in and comment on any of the sections below, which are ordered by chapter.

1. Why Ask Why Questions?

2. Why Such A Vast Universe?

3. Why Such An Old Universe?

4. Why Such A Lonely Universe?

5. Why Such A Dark Universe?

6. Why A Decaying Universe?

7. Why A Realm Beyond This One?

8. Why This Particular Planet, Stars, Galaxy, & Universe?

9. Why Believe The Bible?

10. Why Not A Perfect Universe-- Now?

11. Why These Physical Laws & Dimensions?

12. Why Two Creations?

13. Why Is The New Creation Better?

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