What Is Personality Testing & How Does It Affect Us?

What Is Personality Testing & How Does It Affect Our Behavior?

This post is part 4 of My Leaders Lyceum Experience blog series. I'm writing in exchange for the opportunity to go through the multi-corporate program.

When we understand how our personality affects us and others, we better lead ourselves and those who follow. We can also learn to more effectively lead our families and community. So, according to personality testing, who am I?
At the offset of my second session, the facilitator, and founder of the Leaders Lyceum, Dr. Keith Eigel demonstrated to the group how our personality type can predict general behavioral approaches to problem-solving. His demonstration included a writing activity. In the front of the room, Keith simply stated the word LEAF.

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Should I Self Publish Or Pursue Traditional Publishing

These Were The Reasons I Chose To Self Publish My First Book

Discovering the best road to take when it comes to publishing can seem overwhelming, but it's an important decision that needs to align with our personal and professional objectives.
In regards to traditional publishing, typically an author finds an agent, writes a proposal, and together they submit it to publishers. After an abundance of rejection, the persistence pays off and they get a deal (assuming the book is a solid idea).

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We Need To Take Initiative Because Leadership Development Doesn't Just Happen

We Need To Take Initiative Because Personal Development Doesn't Just Happen

This post is part 3 of My Leaders Lyceum Experience blog series. I'm writing in exchange for the opportunity to go through the multi-corporate program.

I had a challenging time writing this post primarily because of how much activity I've had on my plate since I wrote the last one. It's been over two months since I last published about this project! In many ways, this type of delay is how our personal development goes. Life happens, and we move forward with the important (and sometimes unimportant) actions that tend to be short-term oriented and less long-term beneficial. It's not until we get out of this hamster wheel of short-term thinking that we ever move beyond this feeling of wandering aimlessly. 

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My Freelance Offerings

How I'm Focusing More Clearly On My Business Offerings

When I first started freelancing a nonprofit founder and friend hired me to help his organization get focused, organized and to setup an accountability structure. He believed he should have hired my former marketing company but never got around to doing it. So, he wanted to work with me before I went onto my next venture, and this is how my freelancing journey began. As I journey towards what I really want to do, I get to make a living empowering small business owners.

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What Is The Deal With My Email Greeting?

What Is The Deal With My Email Greeting?

If you've received emails from me within the past few years, you might wonder why I start most emails with "Peace & Grace to you :-)" - I've got a cousin who actually figured out where this came from and why I use it.
Before I started using this phrase, I was using "I hope you're doing well". As I thought about this phrase, I realized I didn't care for its meaning. If I want to know how they're doing, I should ask. Also, why would I want to just hope they are doing well, why not offer something better? It bothered me so I decided to seek out a new way to start my written correspondences. 

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How To Discipline Kids

How I Leverage My Kids' Defiance To Teach And Correct Them

We've got four wonderful children under the age of seven. As you can expect, it can get quite hectic and their times of defiance can be problematic. As I was learning to manage this new parenting paradigm, I was interested in finding a highly effective method for disciplining my kids.
To help me out, I reflected on my childhood and thought about the most effective form of discipline my parents did with me. I recalled a time where my dad was punishing me for a behavior I was manifesting. The longer I persisted in my behavior the longer my punishment was. 

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How Switching To A Healthcare Sharing Service Has Saved Us Thousands Of Dollars

How Switching To A Healthcare Sharing Service Has Saved Us Almost Forty Thousand Dollars

Shortly after we were married and moved to Atlanta, we had a friend sign us up for medical insurance through Kaiser Permanente. For me and my wife with pregnancy coverage, our cost in 2006 was just short of $200 per month. Looking back, that was a pretty killer deal. 
Over the years we had four kids and the health insurance marketplace changed dramatically. Eight years later in 2013, we were paying $1,200 per month for a family of five (any additional kids would not have raised the rate). In 2013 our company took a sabbath year to discover our future. During this year, finances were tight for all of us involved and we had to seriously explore alternatives. 

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My Invitational Prayer For God To Bring His Order In My Life

My Invitational Prayer For God To Bring His Order Into My Life

2014 was a challenging year for me. I had recently shut down my company and begun a new journey in freelancing. There were also difficult personal and relational challenges I was facing. Six months into the journey, I wrote this little prayer.

Lord, you are in control of what feels completely out of control. Establish your order in me and my life. 
Thank you for using this opportunity to develop my character.
I need to be someone I cannot be. I need to see what I am unable to see. Do for me what I cannot do for myself. Empower me to be what I cannot be on my own. Go before me and look where I am unable. 
God, life seems crazy and I don't know how to make senses of it. I want to trust you, I want to hear you but I can't figure out how. 
Please comfort me while I endure for your sake and mine. 

Photo by Andy Kerr on Unsplash

Are Your Trimming Hedges When You've Been Asked To Mow The Lawn?

Are You Trimming Hedges When You've Been Asked To Mow The Lawn?

There were several times during the Noodlehead Marketing journey where I asked team members to execute on specific projects and tasks. I'd ask them to do one thing and they'd distinctly ignore that thing and work on something else. In these cases, the work they did on the something else was well done, but it wasn't what I had asked them to do. 
Let me share a quick landscaping metaphor to bring the point home. 

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