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Blind Spots: Why It’s Important To Embrace That You Don't Know What You Don't Know

"It is the sick person who really knows what health is." - Oswald Chambers

We all have blind spots. They’re usually the things we don't know we don't know and we'd be wise to proactively seek them out. But, for much of our young life, we live in constant denial, thinking we know everything. No blindspots here!... We say.

But expecting we know it all, or know enough that our lack of knowledge never causes us trouble, is simply a slow-ticking time bomb for the moment when we truly realize we know nothing at all. 

Explore a time when I didn't know what I didn't know

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Perfect Coordinates Don't Prevent Drift, Adjusting Direction Along The Way Does

Many timid entrepreneurs are fearful of launching an endeavor without perfect direction on how it should happen and where these activities should drive to. They want it perfect before launching, and they don't want an imperfect project going out. But this undesired imperfection is the required step for achieving excellence.

Others want it all figured out from the beginning because they know they'll never come back and adjust it once they've moved onto the next project. But, they fail to know or articulate the direction for those moving it along. These leaders fear building bricks (small projects) that contribute towards a future wall (initiative), will cause alignment issues if the wall is not yet clearly defined. 

Explore how we can avoid drift and move forward

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The Four Stages of Blogging And The Challenges You'll Face In Each

Blogging is a journey. Like any journey, there's a pathway towards becoming a fully committed and consistent article publisher. 

And, knowing where we're at along the path is a key insight to helping us get where we're going. This guide provides mile markers along the road so you can find your place and the unique challenge you can expect to face now and later. 

Those that succeed long-term at blogging arrive and sustain the fourth phase (Achiever). Embracing reality, they’re focused and diligent in their clearly articulated vision. They reap the fruit of their reliable labor. 

Unfortunately, others get distracted, fall into traps, or simply realize blogging is not their path. To help you navigate the journey, I'm diving into all four blogging stages we go through, starting with our final desired state and working backward to the first.

These are inspired by the Island Story framework and you can also explore how this framework composes a commitment structure here. 

Explore the blogging stages & pitfalls

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How To Win Friends & Influence People: Highlights From Dale Carnegie's Golden Book

The fundamentals of success in this life and our work don't change. And for thousands of years (go read the letters from the Apostle Paul and the proverbs of King Solomon) great men have shared these not so secret secrets.

One of those great leaders is Dale Carnegie. And its the memory of his Golden Book that recently prompted me to revisit it. 

Explore the Golden Book principles by Dale Carnegie

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A Simple & Quick Way To Remember People's Names

"Hi, what's your name?"

After they respond, repeat it back to them to ensure you heard it correctly. I'll usually say it 2-3 times within a few sentences to help me remember. While doing this, I'll associate their name with a famous person. John? Like John Connor from Terminator? Katie? Like Katie Holmes, the actor?

Not only does this allow me to say their name a few times, but the famous connection helps me create a reference point, and memorable reference points are more effective in recalling our memory.

And, I'll do this same referencing for them when they ask about my name. For example, I'll ask them if they've ever heard of Jason and the Argonauts from Greek Mythology. If they don't I'll revert to Inigo Montoya, from Princess Bride and the actor Jason Statham to help them remember Jason Montoya.

What about you? How do you go about remembering people's names?

Hero Photo by Adam Solomon on Unsplash
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Distractions: The Raw Sausage Problem & Why We Should Never Watch Another Transformers Movie

Call me weird or awesome (definitely that one), but I find raw sausage looks appetizing. Maybe it’s because I love pepperonis and raw sausage sorta looks like them spicy pizza toppings. The brilliant red coloring of raw sausage compels me to eat it.

But the problem is, whenever I actually eat cooked sausage I’m highly disappointed. When I go to eat the grey and greasy meat, it just doesn’t taste very good. Bacon is a much better alternative.  

Explore how these two disconnected things somehow fit together

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After Paying Off The Minivan, Our Daunting Student Loans Are In The Cross Hairs

For the past decade, a ball and chain have been attached to my wife and my ankles. 

Student loans. School debt accrued by both me and my wife.

This large payment paid for something we both did in the past, but neither has experienced many benefits in day to day life. But as unaware as we were, we chose a college path that accrued great amounts of debt. To take responsibility required we accept this reality and move forward towards changing it. It's never easy, but the fruit of the journey has taught and shaped discipline, focus, and accomplishment. 

Explore our journey to payoff the van and the final leg of our student loans

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