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Don’t Murder Your Boss’ Ideas, Present Alternative Options Instead

There you are, listening to your boss (or client) explain an idea or cast a vision and all your thinking is how this can’t happen because of some limitation. 
  • We don’t have the money, people or resources to realistically execute. 
  • There are too many active projects and spreading ourselves thin will lower the quality of everything we’re doing. 
  • This is going to take way longer than you think, and you’re not willing to see it through.
  • This initiative is a distraction from our core mission and will only cost us time and money, two things we don’t have in abundance. 

Explore why resistance is futile, and what to do instead

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When it Comes to the 80/20 Rule, the 20 Percent Still Matters

It’s commonly known that twenty percent of our client work lead to eighty percent of our revenue. Less leads to more. 

When we recognize this, we easily lose sight of or dismiss the eighty percent that only generates twenty because it's not worth our time. But this larger group providing a smaller percentage bridges the gap between surviving and thriving. Or, from Good to great. 

Explore why we should not neglect the 20 percent

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How A Stable Foundation Fosters Growth & Prosperity — And How We Must Eliminate The Opposite Approach

Hand your kids a box of Legos and tell them to build a tower. As they’re building it, take away half their blocks including ones they’ve already used to build the tower. 

A few minutes later, have them limit the colors in their tower, even if they’ve used some of those colors in their construction. Wait a few minutes and tell them to take their tower downstairs and build it there. While they're carrying it, try and knock them down and tell them not to let the tower break. 

Explore how a lack of commitment and poor planning leads to long term failure

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Our Story Provides A Unique Opportunity To Connect With Our Customers

What if effectively leveraging your well-positioned story could make it easier to grow your business? 

Ironically, most founders fail to use their story in a compelling way. But, business owners started their company for a reason. They connected with someone’s problem and pain and that point of connection is worth sharing. 

Continue reading examples of how story creates a compelling hook

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When It Comes To Adding Value, Where Is Your Time Best Spent?

If there was only one thing you could do in the place you work, what would it be? What’s the one activity where you provide the most value? And the second? The third?

Recently, one of my prolific clients had to scale back their business operations and this included a majority of my allocated time. 

These types of challenging changes are helpful in clarifying and focusing. We get a moment to learn and grow that wouldn’t have otherwise come. 

Since I’d only have limited time to work with this client, where would it be best for me to focus? The following list of actions came to mind. 

Continue reading how a client declining our engagement helped me see more clearly

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How Living As An Anomaly Could Transform A Life

Years ago, a friend invited me to tag along with him to New York City to meet with his book publisher. It was a lifelong dream to visit the city that never sleeps, and finally, I was given an opportunity to go. 

During the trip, my friend had an interview with a digital media outlet. When we arrived, the interviewer (I’ll call her Sarah) began asking my friend questions soon shifting to questions driven by her personal curiosity. 

My friend and I embraced and shared the love of Jesus in a real and profound way and it confounded Sarah. Her perspective of Christians was quite negative, in fact, she had such a disdain of Christians she wrote a horror screenplay where the villain was a Bible pastor. 

Explore how living as an anomaly has an impact on people

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My 2nd Book - The Jump: Moving Your Perpetual Small Business Forward

My master plan to become a financially viable writer means publishing multiple books and growing this blog. So what’s next in my book writing queue? 
Since the concepts and stories were in my head, Path of the Freelancer was the easiest book for me to write first. My designated win was writing and publishing it, and I succeeded. My long-term goal was providing a resource for other struggling freelancers. Unexpectedly, the journey led to new connections, resources, and lessons learned. I also sold a handful of books along the way. 
So what’s next on the publishing horizon?

Learn more about my next book project

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Do You Know What Success Looks Like When You’ve Finished The Mission?

As freelancers, we work with companies to help them accomplish an objective. So, what does it look like when we’ve finished our work and arrived at the destination? 
Mad Max: Fury Road is one of my favorite films and the ending paints a perfect picture of what it looks like when I’ve finished working with a client. This visceral post-apocalyptic story is about facing the demons were running away from, and returning home to lead those who need us. 

How Mad Max Fury Road is a perfect picture of success with my clients

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A Quick Little Hack To Curb Social Media Use & Get More Enjoyment From It

How can you easily curb back your social media usage?

Turn off the little red badge notification on your social media apps. You know, the little distracting red dot constantly calling you to open the app.

Do it on Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram. Yep, all of them. 

That one change will decrease your time using social media, and it'll make it more enjoyable (look at all my accumulated notifications!) when you do sporadically use it. I also turned it off for my email app, so I’m not tempted to dive into work emails after hours.

Also, any red bubbles you simply ignore (because the number has grown to preposterous numbers) are good candidates for hiding the red badge app icon notification. If you're not responding to it, don't use it.

Alright, head over to your settings and remove those little red app bubbles.

 social media apps on iphone

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