New Joomla Website Launches

Semi-Custom Joomla Website Design is one of the starting points for working together. In the past 30 days, we launched two new websites.

The first Joomla website was Brightstar Pictures.

"BrightStar Pictures is the realization of its’ principals creative aspiration: to start a company that will discover new and established artists and nurture their varied talents, thereby enabling them to tell stories that address, contemplate, and challenge the trials, triumphs and tribulations of the human condition."
Brightstar Pictures
The Third Bucket

The second website launch was The Third Bucket.

The Third Bucket Movement is designed to inspire and facilitate the giving of privately held business assets for Kingdom work. It is the strong belief and experience of the authors of The Third Bucket that lives are transformed through this process.

This includes the transformed lives of those around the world who are being served by ministries and non-profits, the transformed lives of those who work for the ministries, as they see God’s faithfulness in supplying their need for His calling, and the transformed lives of the donors, as they apply their business skills to their giving, just as they have to their business.

If either of these organizations are of interest, I encourage you to check them out and learn more.


The Cellar Journey Part 1

Dirt Was Raining On Me - The Cellar Journey Part 1

This is part 1 of The cellar journey, a multi-part fictional story. Click here to view all parts of the Cellar Journey.

Dirt was raining on me. I could hardly tell, there was so much blood I could only see red and it was out of my left eye because my right eye was swollen shut. I couldn't feel anything. I had been beaten so badly my body was numb. I felt dead, or at least as close as you possibly can get to being dead. The dirt continued to rain down. From the best I could tell, I was being buried alive. I had been Beaten til I was almost dead and then buried.

"Just kill me now." I thought to myself.

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Agent Fat: A Film That Never Was

Agent Fat: A Film That Never Was

Why I Wrote This Story

I have always had a heart for being an example and inspiring others, and I believe sharing this story allows me to be this example in a public way. Stories encourage us when we get knocked down and when it gets hard. When we are in tough places in life, knowing we are not alone can mean everything to us in these times of struggle. When we feel like we are alone, it's difficult to get back up and it's draining to move through the valleys of life. As I share my story, my successes, my fears and my failures I believe it will inspire you to greater heights and lengths as you seek to fulfill the vision for your life.

Our Agent Fat Journey.

Agent Fat - Concept Art - By Thomas Daniels

I love hearing and sharing stories.

The first time I remembering telling a story through video was when my friend and I found a video camera in his house. The camera was old, even for the time, but it worked. I had just recently watched the behind the scenes video for Saving Private Ryan and was inspired to make a film. Finding the camera made a way for us to tell our story. With this new tool and my inspiration, I proceeded to work on a story of my own. It was going to be a story about a soldier facing a giant. I wrote out a two page script called "Agent Fat". Now, we were ready to make our movie. Unfortunately, circumstances did not allow us to make our movie and so the project got temporarily put aside.

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How To Keep Up With Today’s Changing Times [For BEALEADER]

How To Keep Up With Today’s Changing Times [For BEALEADER]

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Formula For Intetionality

The Formula For Intentionality

What does it mean to be intentional?

When we have intent, we are making a choice. But, what are the many little choices we are making as part of the larger one?

As I reflected on my behavior and the behavior of those around me, a pattern emerged. Various ingredients caused certain activities while missing ingredients had different effects.

Here is the discovered concept.

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Leading From The Trenches [For BEALEADER]

Leading From The Trenches [For BEALEADER]

“I can’t promise you that I will bring you all home alive. But this I swear, before you and before Almighty God, that when we go into battle, I will be the first to set foot on the field, and I will be the last to step off, and I will leave no one behind. Dead or alive, we will all come home together. So help me, God.” – Lt. Colonel Hal Moore

When I think about “Leading from the trenches”, this statement from the film, “We Were Soldiers” resonates. Leading from the trenches is a statement symbolizing us not only helping to direct, but to state, we are in the battlefield with those we lead. From my experience, it is when I stayed connected on the front lines in business that I was most successful. When I distanced myself from what was happening on the front lines, I had the most problematic situations in my life and business.
As business owners it is easy for us to live in a bubble of our choosing. In our attempt to escape or conquer reality, we create a delusional world where the rules are as we make them. If you have worked for a business owner, you likely know what I mean. Over time, the way we entrepreneurs see the world becomes different from how it is.

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Freelancer Writer

Does your writing project need a great scribe? If it does, I can be of help. Here are three ideas on how I can serve you as a writer.


Blog Writing
An active blog is an effective form of marketing, but maintaining one can be difficult. With extensive blog writing experience, I can be the resource you need.
Email Campaign Writing
Email marketing is one of the few remaining marketing channels we can have complete control over. Let's leverage email marketing to its full potential for your business.
Website Copywriting
Creating simple and compelling content for our websites is the key to successful communication and conversions. Let's create content on your website which moves people to act.

My Writing Work History

There are several places you can explore content I have created and learn if we are a good fit to work together. While you can obviously get a great deal of exposure to my writing around this website, I also have been a resident writer for BEALEADER since August 2014. You can see and read what has been written by visiting my page on their website here.

In addition, you can view two blog posts I have written for the 315 Project. Lastly, be sure to check out a marketing post written for BrainLeaf here.

Writing Clients

BrainLeaf Logo
Brightstar Pictures
The Third Bucket logo


With over 33 recommendations on my Linkedin profile, here are two of the most relevant writeups. Click image to enlarge.


Creative Recomendation From Don Neder
Creative Recomendation From Jessica Black
Joomla Semi-Custom Web Design

Do You Need a Reliable Freelance Joomla Web Designer?

Jason Scott Montoya

Since you landed here, I suspect you're looking to build (or update) a website using the open-source content management system (CMS) Joomla. It's a powerful software built on a solid technical framework with the functionality to give you the control you need to manage your site and grow your business. Since you've made the wise decision of picking this superior CMS system, you're now responsible for finding the right freelance expert to help you bring this project to life. 

If you need a reliable and responsive Joomla web designer, look no further. I've been working with the system since 2005, shortly after the platform was launched and helping clients since shortly after.

Below, you'll find a list of completed projects, feedback from my customers, my approach to building websites, and how we'll work together when you're ready to take the next step.

My Joomla Construction History

With numerous great examples to share, the following screenshots and links will give you a fresh look at my work history and a good range of the types and sizes of websites we could build together.

Brightstar Pictures Joomla Website Design Screenshot
Braselton Stover House Joomla Website Screenshot
3 Mckeevers First Ride Joomla Website Screenshot
The Third Bucket Joomla Website Design Screenshot
2 Joyfields Institute Joomla Website Screenshot

Explore Other Active Joomla Websites I've Built

While my preferred and recommended CMS system is Joomla, I do build WordPress websites as well. Here are several recent examples.

Feedback From My Customers

"Jason was excellent for the work that I needed. I had (what I thought) were some pretty technical and unrealistic needs from a Joomla platform on my site. Jason knew exactly what to do, did the work quickly, and fixed it faster than I imagined it could be fixed. Great work. I call him first every time." - Bryant Cornett, Full Porch Press

"Technology can play an important role in supporting business efficiency and effectiveness. After working with Jason on several web-based assignments I can say no one I know leverages digital tools better than Jason Montoya. His expertise ranges from strategic website development to analytics to project management skills. Jason brings the rare talent of seeing the big picture but with the skills to manage the details. A big plus is his kind nature in guiding a team to success. Smart. Skilled. Savvy." - Toby Bloomberg, Social Media Consultant

"Ideas, growth, planning, teamwork - these are just a few of the terms I would use to describe Jason. He has the unusual ability to grasp a situation, digest it and produce a creative, systematic approach. I highly recommend Jason to any company looking to combine creativity with results." - Don Neder, Speedpro Imaging

"Jason has become an integral part of the overall marketing strategy of our firm. With creative approaches, forward-looking strategies and real time, in the moment adjustments, I believe Jason is an ideal soundboard for the success of our firm. Thank you, Jason, for your diligence and flexibility!" - Lane Winchester

Read dozens of additional positive feedback on my profile.

Semi-Custom Design Approach

Now that you've seen evidence of my produced quality work, let's explore the process of building your next website. 

There are multiple ways to approach the design of website projects. Many designers work with templates and many create custom designs from scratch. Semi-custom design is my preferred method, which sits between these two approaches.

By working with well-crafted templates and tapping into my ability to customize the designs, we have the benefit of creating excellent websites quickly and effectively. By leveraging a template, it eliminates dozens of hours working from scratch. While there are rare occasions when the other approaches are most appropriate, most companies are best served by building semi-custom designed websites because it accelerates the project and minimizes the cost.

Mapping Out The Website & Selecting A Design Starting Point

Once you decided to pull the trigger on the project, and we've discussed your company and goals, our first step will include selecting a design template to build your site from. Using several template repositories, I'll pick three options best suited for your project. You can choose one of these three options or if you don't like any of them, I'll send you a link to browse the entire catalog. Once we decide on the template, I'll launch a website sandbox and install the template so we can proceed with identifying and populating the pages.

Quality Assurance

Before we launch your Joomla website, we will work through several quality assurance rounds to test that it is working and looking as intended on multiple devices. Once we launch the website, I'll run another series of tests to ensure everything is working as planned, post-launch.

If you'd like a deeper dive into the website construction process, the quality assurance details, and your options for effectively handing over the website check out my ultimate Joomla website guide here.

What You Can Expect To Invest In Your Website

Engaging with me involves committing to batches of 10 hours at a time. My smallest websites are usually in two batches (20 hours). On average, my websites take 4-5 batches (40-50 hours). The largest and most time-consuming Joomla website project was almost 200 hours, but this involved numerous pages, on-site weekly meetings for months, and content sorting and selecting.

If you need to stick to a budget, let me know up front and this will allow me to let you know what we can and can't do to maintain your target. If you want to keep costs down, I can give you an action item list of things to accelerate the process and minimize my time on the project.

If getting the project done is more important than cost, and you and your team don't have the needed capacity to be highly involved, I'll carry a larger project load so we can move it across the finish line.

Let's Discuss Your Website Project & Next Steps

Now that you've gotten to know my work and approach, let's jump on the phone so I can learn about you, your company, and the project. The intent for the call is to determine if we're a good fit to work together, if Joomla is the best CMS tool for your project, and other details we'll need to hash out in order for you to make a deliberate decision for working together.

Click here to contact me about your project.

Marketing - Joomla Web Design Writing

Marketing Solutions

Discover Our Starting Point

I work alongside leaders helping to bridge the communication gap between them and their customers.

If you who are seeking this type of value, the following services are great starting points for us to work together, and they are designed to support you at a tactical and/or strategic level.

Featured Starting Points

Additional Starting Points

Project Auditing: Identifying a project’s opportunities for improvement.

Automation: Streamlining communication internally & with customers using Hubspot or Mailchimp.

Business Coaching - Consulting - Problem Solving

Business Solutions

Discover Our Starting Point

At a both a strategic level and tactical level, I excel at bringing Order to Chaos. This includes working with an organization to get focused and become effective. If this is your objective, the following are great starting points for working together.

Starting Points

Visioneering: Helping business leaders know and share their vision.

Organizational Auditing: Providing an objective outside view of their organization.

Internal Communication Development: Helping business leaders intentionally bring their teams along.

Leadership Coaching: Helping leaders guide their team.

2014 Reflection Point

The Final Blog Post Of The Year (2014) - Grateful

This will be my last blog post for the year.
Being intentional about resting and releasing in each aspect of my life is a top priority for me. For this purpose, I want to take the last month of this year off for this blog.  While I may visit social media and make a few comments on occasion, I will be mostly letting it go as well for the month of December. My hope is a renewed energy, new ideas as I continue to share my journey and insights in 2015. Before I cut off just yet, let me share an update of the the journey this year.

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