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Reviewing The Top Performing Blog Posts Via Organic Traffic

With my escalating blogging goal (to reach 400 posts by year's end) nearby, I've surveyed the archives to discover which articles are performing well with the search engines. 

My first high performing blog post took about ten months to gain traction, so I suspect the landscape will change greatly over the next year as the over 200 articles I've written in the previous fourteen months will find their place on the search engines. To maximize my existing library, I'll also need to go back to many of the articles not performing and complete focused updates to get them on track.

In the meantime, I'm keeping a close eye on the break-out pages gaining momentum and listed below.  

Explore my search traction gaining blogs

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Instead Of Micro Managing, Leverage A Visibility System That Includes Communication And Action Management

As a business owner, you want to control what happens, how it happens, and when it happens. And, justifiably so. Your lively hood and the success of so many individuals is dependent on a business reliably producing value for its customers. 

But, many small business owners take this too far when they remove their team’s agency and dictate to employees exactly how to do their job. While they may feel and be justified in their doing so, micro-managing this way removes the mind of the team members and turns them into robots. 

Explore two ways you can combat your tendency to micro manage

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September 2018 Reflection Point: 12 Lessons Learned, 10 Quotes, 2 New Things, & Goal Updates

There was a seismic shift last month and out popped our fifth child, Zoe Rene Montoya. You can get the wonderful details and see more beautiful photos here.

My generous mother was here to help out around the house and with our other kids so the transition was fairly mild (especially compared to the last two).

Thanks to The Painted Frog Studio, I was able to commission my mom a personalized gift made in her image (to match the one I had made for my dad a few months back). 

Explore lessons learned, quotes, and new things to explore

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Financial Survivalism: Moving Past Persistent Challenges & Embracing Sustainability

Why do we resist the responsibility that leads to sustainability?

Because it's hard. Embracing responsibility requires setting aside the short-term benefit for the long-term gain. But it's not easy, even when we've fully committed. In fact, it can feel quite like we're being relentlessly hunted. 

Explore how the relentless pursuit of life wears us down and what we can do to respond

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Three Ways Your Small Business Can Build Out A Marketing Department

Marketing is a reflection of your organization's identity, beliefs, and offerings. Knowing and sustaining a consistent and compelling message to effectively communicate your brand is vitally important for long-term and efficient success. While sales can move the needle today, marketing will remove friction in doing business tomorrow. 

Many companies excel in marketing but fail to deliver on their promises, while others neglect marketing but go above and beyond for their customers. While this tends to be more of a spectrum than one or the other, if you lean towards strong operations and weak marketing, it's time to seriously explore bolstering up your digital growth efforts and there are three major options available to you.

Explore the three options you have for building out a marketing department

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For To Us To Receive Freedom, We Must First Embrace The Risk

All of us want freedom. But, only a few of us are willing to accept the associated risk and responsibility that inherently comes with it. 

Freedom allows us to do what we want when we want, and how we want (to the degree contained by our limitations). This concept is especially ingrained in Americans whose identity is built on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 

Explore how embracing the risk gives us freedom opportunities

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3 Reasons Why Soliciting Customer Feedback Is Vital To Business Growth

To have sustained success in business requires systematic customer feedback solicitation. 

Customers have both good and bad experiences. Obviously. But, most companies are not listening, and those that are not, miss out on three powerful effects of prioritizing this feedback request initiative.

So, as you explore what best questions you should be asking your customers, here's a dive into the three benefits that make this whole feedback process worthwhile.

Explore why your organization should be inviting customer feedback

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Epoxy Stories: How To Get Meaningful Messages To Stick

How do we effectively get people to remember meaningful information? Monologuing at them won’t work, but memorable stories will. 

Merging valuable insights and messages with a memorable story is how we create stickiness.

Think of how epoxy works. If you're not familiar, epoxy is a form of glue which comes with two separate ingredients. When merging the two chemicals (Resin & hardener), the fusion creates a strong bond, effectively fixing cracks and broken parts. 

This is metaphor relays why stories are so powerful. We remember messages and information when they're paired with compelling stories.

Don’t believe me? Let's go back to our younger days when we learned about Aesop's Fables. I suspect you can quickly recall the lesson in these little parables.

  • The Tortoise and Hare? Slow and steady wins the race. 
  • The Ant & The Grasshopper? Work hard and plan for the future when things are good. 
  • The Boy Who Cried, Wolf? Tell the truth or when it really matters, people won’t believe you. 

People are intrigued and able to remember well when leveraging the power of a narrative. Whether you use them or not, stories matter because of their stickiness. Next time you have something important to share, don’t forget the story that goes with it.

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