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These Are The Google Chrome Extensions I Actively Use

Are you still using Internet Explorer? If you're using Google Chrome, have you installed any extensions to give you more control and power over your browsing and work experience?

I'm an active user of Google's Chrome browser. I primarily switched (from Firefox) because of its speed and simple interface. Over the years I’ve installed and used a variety of extensions to powerup my internet experience. Here’s the list of add-ons I’m currently sporting.

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Alligator Lurking, Waiting To Attack

Are You Prepared For When Your Website (or Blog) Is Hacked?

Whether you're an individual blogger or a business, it's likely at some point your website will get hacked. I've managed hundreds of websites over the years, and unfortunately, it is fairly common for this to happen. So there are two questions you need to answer. 
  • Have you done everything you can to prevent a website hack?
  • Are you prepared to restore your website in the event it gets hacked anyway?
It's not a question of if it'll happen, it's more likely a case of when. Well, at least when it comes to preparing, it's helpful to think in these terms. 

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My Technical Process For Publishing Each Joomla Blog Post

My Technical Process For Publishing Each Joomla Blog Post

I'm writing this technical publishing process for both myself and other Joomla bloggers who want to elevate their technical blogging quality. It's the checklist of activities I follow each time I post and publish a new article in Joomla, and it is my reference guide to ensure I don't forget any tasks during the process. While this will also benefit people who use systems other than Joomla, the instructions specifically focus on my preferred CMS

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The Ultimate Guide For Building Awesome Joomla Websites

The Ultimate Guide For Building Awesome Joomla Websites

Have you ever heard of Joomla, the open-source content management system (CMS)? Introduced by a friend when this tool was in its infancy, this became our go-to resources for websites when I owned and operated my marketing company. Joomla drives my personal website and blog, as well as Path Of The Freelancer. I also drive most of my website design clients to build their website on Joomla. 

This guide originally started as a response to a Facebook question on my wall. "Can you suggest any resources for a Joomla beginner?" As I shared my Joomla work on Facebook, other questions and comments came up about the CMS and this quickly grew.

This page is designed to help those curious about Joomla on how to maximize their experience. Here's what you can expect as you read this ultimate Joomla guide.

  • An Introduction To Joomla
  • Why Use Joomla (Instead of Wordpress)
  • Website Hosting
  • Designing Joomla Websites
  • Joomla Extensions
  • Image Repositories
  • My Process For Building Semi-Custom Joomla Websites

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Interview With The Joomla Transition Team

Interview With The Joomla Transition Team [for Joomla]

One of my service offerings is building semi-custom Joomla websites. Joomla is my preferred open-source CMS platform, and I've been using it almost since its inception (2005). To get more involved in the Joomla community as well as moving outside my own bubble, I volunteered to contribute to the Joomla magazine. As a result, I was placed in charge of interviewing the team of people who were transitioning the Joomla organization to new leadership. 

Click Here To Read My Joomla Transition Team Interview. 

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