Does your writing project need a great scribe? If it does, I can be of help. Here are three ideas on how I can serve you as a writer.

Blog Writing
An active blog is an effective form of marketing, but maintaining one can be difficult. With extensive blog writing experience, I can be the resource you need.
Email Campaign Writing
Email marketing is one of the few remaining marketing channels we can have complete control over. Let's leverage email marketing to its full potential for your business.
Website Copywriting
Creating simple and compelling content for our websites is the key to successful communication and conversions. Let's create content on your website which moves people to act.

My Writing Work History

There are several places you can explore content I have created and learn if we are a good fit to work together. While you can obviously get a great deal of exposure to my writing around this website, I also have been a resident writer for BEALEADER since August 2014. You can see and read what has been written by visiting my page on their website here.

In addition, you can view two blog posts I have written for the 315 Project here and here. Lastly, be sure to check out a marketing post written for BrainLeaf here.

Writing Clients

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Brightstar Pictures
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With over 33 recommendations on my Linkedin profile, here are two of the most relevant writeups. Click image to enlarge.

Creative Recomendation From Don Neder
Creative Recomendation From Jessica Black

Learn How We Work Together

You have now explored potential marketing starting points for working together. For your next step, would you like to learn how we would work together or explore other marketing starting points ?

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