Test Everything & Hold Onto What Is Good

Test Everything & Hold Onto What Is Good

Jim Karwish, a friend, and I are exploring the idea of publicly reading a book together. Each week as we read a chapter, we'll share with each other on Facebook what personally resonated and discuss back in forth. This allows others to observe and participate.

Thanks to Reasons To Believe, we'll be reading "Why The Universe Is The Way It Is", by Dr. Hugh Ross. As the discussion progresses, I'll embed my Facebook posts here on the blog. Feel free to read along with us and join in on the discussion. The first Facebook embed is below, and here is the book summary.

Increasingly astronomers recognize that if the cosmos had not unfolded exactly as it did, humanity would not, could not, exist. Yet these researchers--along with countless ordinary folks--resist belief in the biblical Creator. Why? They say a loving God would have made a better home for us, one without trouble and tragedy. In Why the Universe Is the Way It Is, Hugh Ross draws from his depth of study in both science and Scripture to explain how the universe's design fulfills several distinct purposes. He also reveals God's surpassing love and ultimate purposes for each individual.

Why the Universe Is the Way It Is will interest anyone who wonders where and how the universe came to be, what or who is responsible for it, why we are here, or how and when the universe ends. Far from leaving the reader at this philosophical jumping-off point, Ross builds toward answering the big question of human destiny and the specific question of each reader's personal destiny.

What Resonated With Me In Chapter 1

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