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A Powerful Plan To Move The Entrepreneur's Perpetual Startup Forward

Bang! That was me hitting the invisible ceiling with my established small marketing company. We grew each year until I finally hit my limit. My way of leading and managing moved me forward, but it wasn't going to get me to the destination. For three years, our company income went stagnant and we couldn't get over the hump.
It turns out this is a common occurrence with founders. Their company grows to a “stuck” point and doesn't go any further. How they initially fueled their success worked, but this same way fails to help sustain and grow.

Discover the map, the checkpoints along the way, and a plan to move out of the chaos

Star Wars - The Last Jedi

The Last Jedi is a Powerful Opportunity for Divided Star Wars Fans to Grow — But It Won’t Be Easy

The following reflection on The Last Jedi includes major spoilers. Only proceed if you've seen the movie.

If The Force Awakens (episode 7) is a warm comforting blanket, The Last Jedi (episode 8) is an important bucket of cold water. But it wasn't until my second viewing, that I was able to fully appreciate this chilling water as a good thing.
And, it turns out for some time I've had a mental brewing about Star Wars, fandom, film criticism, how we interact with each other, and change. The Last Jedi just happened to be the vehicle to surface it all. Since I'm not alone in this, I've included a variety of interesting links to articles, insights, videos, and feedback about the Last Jedi throughout this blog to help bring you along on my journey.
By the end of this post, my aim is to help us become more teachable and deliberate with how we evaluate things we love while also learning to more effectively engage with each other (even when we vehemently disagree).
So, let me take a step back and share my first conflicting experience watching The Last Jedi before I share my deeper understanding of the movie, the challenge of embracing something different, the poor memory and zealous nature of fans, and the future of Star Wars as we know it.

Read my thoughts on the Last Jedi, the fan reactions, and coming to appreciate the film

Tom Cruise - Jason Montoya - American Made

My Experience As A Movie Extra On American Made With Tom Cruise + Movie Clip & Images

“He’s too young to play an ATF agent!”

That’s the essence of the production staff fight on my arrival to the set of American Made (affiliate link) which was, at the time, called Mena. 

A day earlier, I unexpectedly received a text message from an Atlanta background extras casting company. They asked if I was available the next day for a small shoot with a high profile actor. It was a project I had not applied for but they thought I’d be a good fit for the role based on a previous submission. 

I accepted and was driving to the city of Madison Georgia the next morning. When I arrived on the scene, they asked me to shave my face entirely. A few minutes later, the costume department was arguing in front of me with the production staff about me playing the role of an ATF agent. They said I looked too young and shouldn’t be used. Thankfully, they told them to use me anyway.

Read about my experience on the movie set American Made with Tom Cruise

Man Looking Out Onto The Horizon

Looking Ahead On The Month Of January 2018

A new year and a new month to start something great. 
This post is my checkpoint to set and share my goals for the month. What do I hope to accomplish over the next several weeks?
This powerful monthly checkpoint allows me to discover, share, and ultimately help move forward on my aspirations and personal growth opportunities. By sharing it, it’ll give you a peek into my life and hopefully inspire you in your journey. 

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Montoya Family In Downtown Atlanta

This Year (2017) Has Been A Wild Ride Of Expected Change

It’s that time of year again where I take a moment to reflect, thank others and enter into a blogging break. This annual reflection point blog post is my last article for 2017. Come back and see me in 2018 or visit the blog archives for ones you may have missed.

“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.” -Bill Gates

In the past three and half years, we’ve completely changed our lives after the shut down of our marketing company in 2014. It’s involved numerous small steps and big leaps after we rebooted. I’m encouraged by the progress we’ve made in just over three years!

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Florida State Park Canopy Bridge Forest

November Reflections: Finishing The Blogging Challenge, Falling Behind A Tad With Freelancing, & Some Fun Photos

How did your month of November play out? Did you accomplish your goals and move forward with your life?
It’s been a jam-packed month for me, but I’m happy with the progress made on all fronts even though I fell behind on my freelance hour tally. Since I’m doing an annual reflection point tomorrow for 2017, as part of my last blog of the year, I’m using today’s post to reflect on my journey this month.

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Old Handgun Pistol

The Magnum Test: Will Your Business Survive Beyond You?

While driving to work, you realize you're almost out of gas. You pull over to the next station to fuel up. While filling up your tank, you notice someone mugging a poor lady and her children in the car next to yours. You're the only one who sees this man holding a large magnum gun at the lady.

Quickly, you tackle him smashing him into the wall and knocking him out. His gun drops from his hand and BANG! It fires upon crashing to the ground. You look down at your stomach and your bleeding profusely. Sirens and lights dance around you as you and your vision fades to darkness.

And now, You (the business owner) is dead.
Your company must continue to deliver for the clients, and provide for you and your team's families. How well do they succeed without you? How much direction, systems, and a structure was in your head instead of documented and culturally ingrained? 
To get to my point in a less morbid way, does your company continue flourishing when you're no longer around? What about if a key employee leaves? What about all the people reliant on the success of this business? Their families?

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A Man & Woman Talking With A Computer

The Comprehensive Guide To Finding A Job In The Modern Era

You've resigned or been laid off and now you need a new job. I get it because this is where I found myself after shutting down my marketing company in 2014. During the end of that transition, I thought I would end up finding traditional employment working for a business so I took the initiative to make this happen. 
While I ended up becoming a full-time freelancer instead, I ramped up my activities in a way that was helpful to landing a new job. In fact, some of the potential job opportunities turned into freelancing work. 
If you're asking why in the world I'm writing about job seeking when I'm excelling at freelancing, it's because I've got multiple people in my community seeking a job, and as part of this writing challenge, I came across an old Evernote where I outlined what I was going to do to land my next position. While I don't expect to write a book on the topic, I can at least share these insights and empower those in need here in this blog post. 

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