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How To Become A Movie Extra On A Feature Film Or TV Show

So, you live in Atlanta and you heard most major movies are filming in the area. Now you want to become a movie extra, and are wondering how to make it happen. If so, you've landed in the right place.
Recently I volunteered on the production of a short film intended to encourage people to volunteer in their communities. While on set, I quickly became an advisor for several aspiring actors on how to go about finding new movie extra (background talent) work. 

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Enjoy Free Food & Entertainment During The Month Of Your Birthday

Enjoy Free Food & Entertainment During The Month Of Your Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday. Yep, I turned thirty-three years old.
Three years ago when I turned thirty, I shared lessons learned from the first three decades of my existence. Since I went serious in that article, I'm going frivolous this time!
At the beginning of this month (October), emails flowed in from my favorite restaurants both fast food and sit down. Well, at least those where I had an email subscription. It reminded me that my birthday was around the corner. Free food and entertainment awaited.
Here's the deal. Most restaurants, fast food joints, and entertainment businesses send free or discounted gifts for birthdays. I know, it sounds too good to be true, but it actually happens. A couple years ago, I realized this and subsequently went searching the web for how I could sign up for the email list of every food place I wanted to eat it.

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Don't Join The Harassment, Stand Up Against It

Don't Join Or Ignore Harassment, Stand Up Against It!

A friend and I were movie extras on the film, The Founder. It was fun to do something as exciting like be in a movie with a close friend. Unfortunately, there was a scene shot towards the end of the day where I and a few others out of the larger group were excluded. 
We stayed back and waited until our next scene would begin shooting. As I hung back, I sat with a young college male student. We got to talking and very quickly I was uncomfortable with the tone of this casual conversation. There was a school project he needed to finish and was lamenting about his inability to work on it and being forced to wait for our next scene. 

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Share Articles, Podcasts & Videos Online

The Reason I Share Articles, Podcasts & Videos

For the past seven years (at least) I've been a constant sharer of resources. If you're connected with me on any form of social media, you've seen over the last several years many articles, podcasts, videos, and images on my feed. If I've got your email, you've received personal emails with links to these helpful resources. 
So, what gives? 
Why do I share these links with others?

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Establishing A Lifelong Cadence Of Personal Development

Establishing A Lifelong Cadence Of Personal Development

This post is part 10 of My Leaders Lyceum Experience blog series. I'm writing in exchange for the opportunity to go through the multi-corporate program.

While leadership talks, conferences, and programs are wonderful in moving us further along the maturity spectrum, the true game changer for achieving the highest level of growth comes from building a lifestyle oriented around embracing challenge and contradiction. The last session in the Leaders Lyceum program was geared towards helping us to create this life-long learning lifestyle.
How oriented is your life to personal growth?

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My Technical Process For Publishing Each Joomla Blog Post

My Technical Process For Publishing Each Joomla Blog Post

I'm writing this technical publishing process for both myself and other Joomla bloggers who want to elevate their technical blogging quality. It's the checklist of activities I follow each time I post and publish a new article in Joomla, and it is my reference guide to ensure I don't forget any tasks during the process. While this will also benefit people who use systems other than Joomla, the instructions specifically focus on my preferred CMS

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The Fours stages Of Freelancing [Freelancers' Show Podcast]

The Four Stages Of Freelancing [Freelancers' Show Podcast]

Recently, I was invited to speak about Path Of The Freelancer on the Freelancers' Show, a podcast in the network. If you're not familiar with this podcast, the show discusses the challenges freelancers face and includes a panel of experienced technology freelancers and entrepreneurs.
In episode 268, we dove into the first achievement from the book and talked about the four stages of freelancing and the formula for intentionality. The show recorded before American Made came out, so I had the fun opportunity to share about my extra work on the movie at the end of the show.

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What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From The Firing Of Star Wars Director Colin Trevorrow

What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From The Firing Of Star Wars Director Colin Trevorrow

Star Wars: The Last Jedi (#8) arrives this December from director Rian Johnson. In the midst of this exciting new chapter in the latest Star Wars trilogy, production troubles came to the forefront. Colin Trevorrow, director, and co-writer of Star Wars Episode IX was fired by Lucasfilm as a result of bad collaboration and a problematic proposed script. The future of the final film in this new trilogy is in the hands of returning director J.J. Abrams (The Force Awakens).

If you've been following Star Wars news, you're also aware that the directors of the upcoming Han Solo prequel were also fired and replaced by seasoned director Ron Howard. You can read my blog about what freelancers can learn from that situation, here.

In this post, I will be providing my insights on the matter with friend Addison Williams. Addison, a writer, and marketing entrepreneur with an MFA in screenwriting.

As we dive into this topic, we’ll each provide our insight on the various milestones in the process of hiring and firing the ninth Star Wars film director, Colin Trevorrow. As we share our take, we’ll also link it to the powerful lessons entrepreneurs can take from these public business scenarios.

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Social Media Taboo: How To Find Your Voice & Keep It Professional

Social Media Taboo: How To Embrace Your Voice & Keep It Professional

This post was inspired by my speaking event for the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association.
What in the world does it mean to find "your voice" and use it on social media? And how do we do this mysterious thing while maintaining our professionalism? And, what matters more, being memorable, or being professional? 
I don't believe we should avoid talking about certain topics (religion, politics, or money) on social media, but I do believe we should do so with discernment and a drive towards unity (not dissension). There are times when we speak on matters that will cause controversy and backlash even we seek unity, but I think we ought to present our case with openness and a willingness to engage on the topic. I also think certain channels are more appropriate for different categories of discussion. And Lastly, we also need to hone in our voice and approach when we're speaking on behalf of our company, which likely won't always share our values or approach. 
So, how do we figure this all out? 
Let's start with a story.

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Resting At The Inn

Resting At The Inn

I contemplated not publishing a blog post today. If I didn't, I  would have broken my chain of fifty consecutive weekday blog posts. Here's why I was considering it.
Last night, I began feeling sick and had an unpleasant night of pain. This morning, I saw the doctor and was given an antibiotic for my illness. This evening I'm feeling better and by tomorrow, I will no longer be contagious. But, this illness meant I took the day off from work today. I slept, rested and waited. Since I was feeling better this evening, I decided to write this blog post and not "Rest At The Inn" for my blogging challenge.

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