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Mini-Experiments & New Goals For April 2018

When it comes to time passing, I've had different perspectives in different seasons of life. In some cases, the passing of time feels like perpetual torture during difficult situations while other times it quickly speeds on by during moments of enjoyment.

I'm in a season now where I'm working on accomplishing multiple goals and initiatives in my life, work, and family. In my current context, the passing of time is a wonderful thing to participate in as I get to watch things grow. And it's fun.

Also, by writing as often as I am, including these monthly checkpoints, it seems to slow time down and encourage me to watch and appreciate life as it happens. It empowers me to be mindful and present. 

Without further ado, let's dive into my goals for the month and several experiments I have running.

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March 2018: 31 Rapid Fire Discoveries (+ Status Updates)

We're over a quarter of the way through 2018. What progress (or regress) have you made? The conclusion of March and the Start of April is the four year anniversary since we shut down Noodlehead Marketing. Wow! So much change and progress have elapsed during this short period of time.

Towards the end of the month, I had some moments to reflect on the progress we've made and the position we're now in. It's quite amazing to recognize that we were not only starting over four years ago, we were actually climbing out of a financial hole. We're now building towards a stronger and healthier future.

As usual in this monthly reflection point, let's dive into the bullet points of things I learned, discovered, and was reminded about.

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Broken Lake Dock - Bad Maintenance

Do You Create & Abandon or Build To Sustain?

When you create and launch projects, campaigns or companies do you do so with intent and a plan to sustain or do you simply create and walk away?

In my experience as a business owner, and working with other entrepreneurs, it’s quite rare for sustaining to take priority. Usually, visionary owners want to create and move onto the next thing without a second thought. Some will even abandon their business as they explore some shiny object with mixed results (based on who is left behind).

Unfortunately, this approach leads to a wreckage of broken and abandoned ideas. In these situations, the only things getting maintained are projects team members care for or that clients complain about. 

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Productive Paranoia: A Small Simple Practice For Preventing a Big Problem

Do you leave yourself margin should something go wrong? Do you strive for abundance knowing things will eventually make a turn for the worse?

Productive paranoia is the practice of doing something when your worried something negative could happen. The phrase was first introduced to me by Jim Collins as one of three attributes of high achievers (the other two were fanatical discipline & empirical creativity).
"10xers differ from their less successful comparisons in how they maintain hypervigilance in good times as well as bad.  Even in calm, clear, positive conditions, 10xers constantly considered the possibility that events could turn against them at any moment.  Indeed, they believe that conditions will-absolutely, with 100 percent certainty-turn against them without warning, at some unpredictable point in time, at some highly inconvenient moment.  And they’d better be prepared." - Jim Collins, Great By Choice (affiliate )
We can apply this in our lives in both small and big ways. And this application could prevent significant troubles. While this fruitful practice is simple to implement, it can cause inconvenience or extra work. Here are a few ways I intentionally inconvenience myself. 

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Bike Crash Failure

Give Up Because You Have Already Lost — What We Can Learn About Failure From The Walking Dead

If you're contributing to something meaningful, you’ll soon face these words (if you haven't already). It could come from someone else but likely will be a voice inside your head. The tormenting fear as you strive to lead others, do something great or make a challenging relationship work. Along the way, we mess up and fail. Sometimes these failures have significant consequences and people get hurt (emotionally & physically).

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Will You Initiate Beyond Your Circumstances to Get What You Want?

Creative problem solvers with constraints find a way to get what they want when an obvious path is not visible. It’s why they can successfully launch companies. 
In a previous post, I asked if you were willing to let go of what you want. In this article, I’m diving the opposite direction. Are you willing to do what it takes to go after what you want?

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Love Your Neighbor Hat - Church

Four Different Ways To Choose Your Next Church Community

Since the birth of Christianity, followers of Jesus have been gathering in groups to share life (what we now call church). Since I was born, I’ve been attending and involved in Christ-centered churches, but it wasn’t until we ventured off to Atlanta Georgia on our own after getting married that we had to take ownership of this community engagement. 

Since we moved to Atlanta Georgia in 2005, we’ve done life with four different church communities and how we ended up at each was the result of distinctly different paths (although I believe all were providentially influenced). One was a family referral, another was nearby, one was divinely guided, and the most recent was intentionally selected. 

Here's the story of all four paths, my way of shedding light and insight to help and inspire you in your own journey to find a local church community. 

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Skillshare Course: How To Work More Effectively With Freelancers

Skip the following introduction and visit my Skillshare class (4 Powerful Ways Companies & Freelancers Work Well Together) by clicking here.

As part of launching my first book, Path of the Freelancer, I also spoke at several events. One of them was at the Atlanta Hubspot User Group (HUG) on the topic of companies and freelancers working well together. It ended up as a terrific talk with many great questions (and a new consulting client).

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