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How Business Owners Can Dramatically Improve Their Company Culture By Doing These Three Things With Their Team

Most business leaders (and managers of others) don't realize how their actions and decisions affect other people they work with. When we fail to act decisive, provide clear direction, and bring others along we're going to burn out our team, generate a slew of wasted efforts, and foster unhealthy conflict. We must operate in a healthier way.

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The Funny Story Of How I Started Eating Spicy Food

If you've known me for any period of time, you know I love spicy food. I've got over a dozen different hot sauces and salsas in our house. For every restaurant, I visit I'm seeking out the hottest menu items or asking for it extra hot. A few years ago, I was at a Thai restaurant in downtown Atlanta and I asked for my meal double Thai hot. They took my order and went back to the kitchen only to quickly return. He proceeded to tell me that if it was too hot and I didn't eat it I would still be responsible to pay for the meal. I agreed and my meal was cooked. It was yummy.

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Are You Prepared For When Your Website (or Blog) Is Hacked?

Whether you're an individual blogger or a business, it's likely at some point your website will get hacked. I've managed hundreds of websites over the years, and unfortunately, it is fairly common for this to happen. So there are two questions you need to answer. 
  • Have you done everything you can to prevent a website hack?
  • Are you prepared to restore your website in the event it gets hacked anyway?
It's not a question of if it'll happen, it's more likely a case of when. Well, at least when it comes to preparing, it's helpful to think in these terms. 

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Reflecting On The Third Quarter Of This Weekday Blogging Challenge

This post concludes three months of week-day blogging. Since I started on August 1st, I've written sixty-six blog posts over the three months. While I've had a few close calls I've successfully published without fail. At the same time, I definitely feel like it's the end of "the third quarter" as I enter my final month of the year with this blogging challenge (I'll be taking a break in the month of December).
Before I jump into my lessons learned and upcoming changes, I'm first reflecting on a few of the aspirations I had for my October blogging challenge.

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Use This One Simple Phrase To Gather Valuable Feedback

Whenever we create or improve an idea or project, it's wise to gather feedback for improvement. Unfortunately, there are many ways to gather feedback and the intent behind the project has a large influence on what type of feedback is most helpful. It is also highly challenging to garner feedback from clients and team members who have a heavy workload. So, implementing a focused and effective form of asking is something I've toyed around with over the last few years. I wanted the best question to get to the root of what I need to move the project forward. I ended up with the following phrase.

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Cooperation Is Possible - Even In The Most Divisive Situations

Cooperation Is Possible - Even In The Most Divisive Situations

As divisive as it seems our culture is right now, what if we could actually find a way to cooperate? What if we could find unity and move together towards a common goal? What if instead of attacking our neighbors, we sought to understand them and discover how we can move forward together, despite our differences?

I believe it's possible. In fact, my vision statement is, thriving together Contrasted with my anti-vision statement, surviving in isolation these two statements provide a powerful picture of where I'm driving towards (and away from) in my relationships & community. As Christians, we don't have an excuse as we're directed by the scriptures and by the example of Jesus of Nazareth.

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What Are The Five Stages Of Every Organization?

What Are The Five Stages Of Every Organization?

Several years ago I was in Nashville Tennessee meeting with a marketing agency. I had recently shut down Noodlehead Marketing and was exploring career opportunities. As the person interviewing me was describing the company and answering my numerous detailed questions, a sense of deja-vu came over me. I knew where they were at on the journey of business, and the stages that would soon follow. 

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