A Little Secret About How We Can Easily Change Our World

A Little Secret On How We Can Easily Change Our World

Years ago, I found myself at a book club in Colorado Springs listening to a lady complain about her church. She was really passionate about Liturgy and her church had not implimented this into their services. I could tell it was really important to her as she proceeded to share about her poetic writings.

I saw the connection. She found the need and could fill it but was instead complaining about it. So, I told her this, and she pondered it. And then, she agreed. She was the best person to resolve the situation and was now inspired to take action.

When I look around the companies I work with, I hear people complain about the problems around them, but they stop there. I see people across Facebook complaining and criticizing leaders and others, but yet there is no drive for them participate in the solution. It's as if we're waiting for permission or direction to make our world better.

Here is the secret.

We have as much authority as we're willing to assert on a local level. We don't need permission or direction to make our world better.

We can just do it.

If we want to transform our household, we can. If we want to build up our community, we can. If we want to change something, we can do it.

When we all start to realize this, we'll stop looking up to leaders to do stuff for us, and instead we'll look to each other to make our share of this world better.

So what are you waiting for?

You know the problem, go implement a solution.

Taking A Small Step To Get More Efficient

Taking A Small Step To Get More Efficient

I was listening to this podcast by Michael Hyatt about conquering the email inbox. I remember when this was the most difficult mountain to conquer as I was constantly crticized and lost leads because of how poorly I managed it.

Years later, I now actively sustain an empty email inbox and am highly responsive. It's not always easy, but it's well worth it. I've found having a place for read later content, using Inbox by Gmail to schedule messages for a future date, template reponses for common responses, and Assistant.to to schedule meetings are tools that have all helped me maintain Inbox Zero.

While listening to the podcast, Michael mentioned the use of keyboard shortcuts within different tools including Gmail. My next task to increase my efficiency is to learn and memorize the shortcuts for gmail.

Now, onto discipling myself to get these keyphrases down.

Stop Waiting. It's Time To Start Living An Intentional Life.

Stop Waiting. It's Time To Start Living An Intentional Life.

We have a responsibility to move forward in our lives. In several seasons of life, I've found myself waiting for someone else to take the burden of responsibility from me and do what needed to be done. Part of 2010 was such a season, and after years in the business, I found myself waiting for the company to be successful. I was waiting for the right person to come along and fulfill my vision for the company.

Here is my journal entry below from early 2011 about a S.H.I.F.T. Moment that changed this line of thinking for me.

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Path Of The Freelancer Facebook Page

Path Of The Freelancer Facebook Page

I've written 32,000 words for the restructured (2nd) draft of Path Of The Freelancer. I've also completed the concept for six of the ten planned infographics. With this amount of progress made on the project so far, I thought it'd be an appropriate time to launch the Facebook page. My intent is to share the journey of writing this book as a way to build the audience and community around it. This will hopefully create a great foundation to launch the book when the time comes.

If you know someone who is freelancing or is considering becoming one, please share the Facebook page with them.

Quora - Ideation: What is the power of an idea? How can an idea's value be assessed?

How Can We Assess The Power Of An Idea?

The power of an idea is in our ability to capture it, harness it, bring it to life, and sustain it over time.

I was part of a marketing agency and we had no shortage of ideas. When they came to us they were quickly forgotten. For those ideas we held onto, they were not properly cultivated and were never created. For ideas we launched, we lacked any type of plan to sustain them over time so they faded away. And lastly, ideas we kept became bloated and ineffective at what they were originally intended to do.

So, we decided to map out the life of every idea and build a system to capture and sustain them as long as they served their purpose. The result was the system we call IDEMA.


These five stages were specifically designed to address the issues I shared above.

Between each stage, we challenge the idea before we move it forward to the next and when we’ve thoroughly challenged it, we commit to take the idea to the next step. This allows us to commit in pieces instead of the entire process up front. It frees us to discard or refine the idea if it does not rise to the standard we've set.

With new ideas, we simply take them through the stages starting with the first, ideation, as seen in the graphic below.

For many of us, we can find ourselves in the middle of chaos and not know where to start. If we've got numerous ideas we are managing and they are in different stages simply start placing each idea where it belongs so we can get clarity on what the next step is to move each one forward.

Every idea has a place.

Where does it now belong?

To read more about the IDEMA, a Creative Commons system for capturing and sustaining ideas, visit the full page on Medium linked below.

IDEMA — A Framework For Capturing & Sustaining Ideas.

Quora: Is Rey from The Force Awakens a Mary Sue?

Is Rey, From The Force Awakens, A "Mary Sue"?

I'm a Star Wars fan and I very much enjoyed Star Wars: The Force Awakens. If you've seen it and engaged in any critique of the film, you've probably heard the character Rey referred to as a "Mary Sue". Here is the definition of Mary Sue, as defined by Wikipedia.

"A Mary Sue or Marty Stu is an idealized and seemingly perfect fictional character. Often this character is recognized as an author insert or wish fulfillment. Sometimes the name is reserved only for women; but more often the name is used for both sexes."

Since Rey quickly learns and applies her "Force" abilities in the movie, people gawk that she did not "earn" that character development and as a result, refer to her as a Mary Sue. I beg to differ.

While I was watching the scene early in the movie where Rey marks the wall for each passing day (See Above), in my first viewing of the Force Awakens, I realized Rey had already completed the hardest part of her force training and neither she nor most audience members realized this. It excited me because I knew she was bound to do great things through the remainder of the film.

Without any family, she learned to survive. As a result, when we meet her she is focused and disciplined. She constantly sought to learn and explore. She held onto a strong sense of faith that her parents were coming back for her with no evidence to support her belief. These are difficult to master attributes, and she did it before her true journey even begun.

Now contrast this to Luke Skywalker. When we meet him, he’s undisciplined, easily distracted and a complainer. He lacks a meaningful amount of faith in the force as demonstrated by his training with Yoda, in the Empire Strikes Back

So no, Rey is not a Mary Sue. Rey paid her dues and did her training preparing for her return home only to realize it would turn out differently than she expected. She will need to learn how to channel her focus and discipline from and through the force but, like we saw in the remainder of the movie, it will go fairly quickly.

Are We Using People To Achieve Or Helping Them To Develop Character?

Are We Using People To Achieve Or Helping Them To Develop Character?


In the movie Chicken Run, the chickens are not producing enough eggs so the owner, and also the villain, decides to buy a pie making machine. As you see in the first part of the graphic above and the video below, chickens go in and pies come out. The magazine in the film, inspires the villain in the movie to buy the pie maker. She believes this machine will turn her failing farm into a money making machine.

The Trap For Leaders

As a business owner striving for success, we can easily fall into the trap of seeing our team members as the chickens in this analogy. Team members go into our company, the pie machine, and out of it comes what we define as success or achievement. Money, power, fame, influence, are a few examples of how we measure our achievement.

In this mindset, the team is not a top priority and we can see them as a commodity making it really easy for us burn someone out knowing we can find someone else to take their place.

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My Radio Interview Where We Talk About My Work, IDEMA & The Formula For Intentionality

My Radio Interview Where We Talk About My Work, IDEMA & The Formula For Intentionality

As I mentioned last year, I'm writing a book about flourishing in freelancing. As a result of writing this book, several freelancers requested getting together on a regular basis. This resulted in us establishing a monthly group where we meet to review the concepts in the book. After our last meeting, I met up with a client to talk about the work we were doing. Fresh off the freelancing meeting, we discussed the graphic I created to teach the day's concept.

As a result of this discussion, he invited me to meet with him, his partner on a new business venture, and a friend to share these concepts with them. I agreed and the next day I shared the concepts with them including his friend Craig Williams who co-hosts a business authority radio show on the Pro Business Channel with Neil Howe.

Craig invited me to be one his guests on the business authority show. In the interview I discuss the work I do, two projects I've worked on, IDEMA and the Formula For Intentionality. The segment where I'm interviewed begins at 9 minutes 30 seconds.

It has been awhile since I've done this type of media so it was great to shake the dust off and share my ideas.

Comprehensive All-In-One Marketing Reports

Comprehensive All-In-One Marketing Reports

For $35/month, I offer a comprehensive marketing tracking and report service. Get reports on all your marketing in one place delivered by email at the preferred frequency.

Know what's contributing to your success.

Reporting Features

  • Track how high your website shows on Google & Bing.
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  • Monitor your competition's search engine authority.
  • See what issues are causing problems with the search engines.
  • Integrate Google Analytics and Webmaster tools to see all the important data in one place.
  • Monitor and track social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, & Youtube) activity and influence.
  • See your Google & Facebook ad campaign data.
  • Track phone calls coming into your business.
  • Receive daily, weekly, or monthly reports with login access for real time reports.


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