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May 2018 Reflection Point: 9 Lessons Learned, 8 Quotes, 5 New Things, & Goal Updates

How was your May? What did you accomplish? What got in the way?

With a work-heavy month, the NBA playoffs, and playing a new computer game, my month was jam-packed and filled with late nights.

The surge of new project work with multiple clients resulted in me logging 23 more hours than my top tier goal and boundary (122 hours). The boost will be nice since we had to replace our washing and drying machines, but my intent is to bring my hour count back down to earth here in June and take some time off.

In regards to the progression of my next book, my writing experiment project on truth took much longer than planned. While I'm glad to have published the final blog post, it delayed me from moving my book forward. For this reason, I'm going to slim down my goals and new experiments for June.

On the annual goal to volunteer at our church, I've committed to a greeting position until our baby girl arrives in September. Expect to see me on Sunday mornings regularly if you attend Gwinnett Church.

Blogging continues to go well, but it does feel like it's time to take a mini-break. In five months, I've published 61 new blogs. If I add this to the 88 from my weekday blogging challenge, I've added 149 new blogs since last August! In ten months, I've almost doubled the total number of articles on my blog!

Let's jump into lessons learned, notable quotes, new things, and goal updates. If you want a list of the articles and Quora answers I've written, you'll find them at the bottom.

Explore lessons learned, notable quotes, and 5 new things from May 2018

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Why Should We Care About What's True In A Post-Truth World?

The following write-up is my entry into the RZIM contest put on by Abdu Murray as part of his book launch (Saving Truth). Click here to explore the contest details, and read other people's essay submissions.

When you choose to allow and participate in a post-truth world, your life (now and later) is at stake. In the now, your peace, stability, adventure, enjoyment, meaning, and achievement all hinge on how seriously you value and pursue truth. And this extends to your family, community, and world. There are also long-term implications when you reject reality as it truly is.

The western world has entered an era where large portions of our population have complete disregard for the reality in which we live. When the truth does not align with their preference, they openly dismiss it, even while acknowledging its merit.

The numerous examples of this post-truth behavior span religion, politics, and our personal lives. But it’s not all the unfamiliar to each of us. How many of us have chosen to do something wrong even when we knew it was unlawful, or morally corrupt?  All of us.

So at a minimum, we’ve all lived moments and seasons of post-truth. We’ve disregarded the truth in these moments, but if we as individuals and collectively as a community embrace this way of life, there are significant short and long-term consequences awaiting us.

But, not only is embracing truth important, we also need to align ourselves with meaningful truth, minimize reliance on our limited perspective, and value relationship more than simply being right. Let's explore the stakes for rejecting the truth.

Continue exploring truth, its source, and what matters most

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Instead of Firing, Make Your System Better & Then Decide

If your boss was going to fire you, would you want her to have done everything possible to set you up for success before pulling the trigger?

Unfortunately, that doesn’t usually happen. When things go poorly, many managers and leaders think of getting rid of the person and fail to make the system better first. But what if instead of terminating the team member we instead do everything we can to set them up for success? 

Explore how to leverage poorly performing team members to improve systems

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What Happened To A Community When One Man Asked God To Show Him How To Love People

What would you do if your world and beliefs were unexpectedly turned upside down?

What if you suddenly realized, you didn't understand what it meant to love people?

In 2008, that's where my brother-in-law (Ryan Lampa) found himself when a homeless man living nearby slammed a door in his face when he tried to give him money instead of simply being his friend.

Continue reading Ryan's story...

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What If Life Is Meaningless And Your Legacy Is Worthless?

What REALLY Matters? In light of the inevitable end of our universe, does anything matter?

In the last decade, I’ve explored the concept of legacy. It’s the idea that what we leave behind matters. How we helped other people in our life’s journey has an effect worth caring about.  

But, does legacy really matter? And if so, what type of legacy matters most? 

What hope do we have? What is the source of that hope?

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How To Move Towards a Dream While Maintaining Priorities Along The Way

Life is not a straight line. And any path with monumental goals won’t be an easy one. 

With a wife and four children (plus one on the way), I don’t have the luxury of sleeping on a friend’s couch as I pursue my personal ambition of directing feature films. I also don’t want to sacrifice my family pursuing it in a conventional way. So, is there a way I can maintain my priorities and pursue my personal vocational goals? 

Read my strategy for getting into the film industry

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My Journey Transitioning From Google Apps To Gmail + Data Migration Checklist

Migrating from Google Apps is not as simple as it seems (or should be). When Google first launched their Apps tool I set up a business account for my company, Noodlehead Marketing

Over time Google revamped their system and relaunched Google Apps as G Suite. After the shut down of our marketing business in 2014, I continued using this legacy Google Apps account to manage my email, calendar, and documents, but I knew as another step in closing out that chapter, I wanted to shut down the tool and move on. 

Check out the list of data points for migrating from the Google ecosystem

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Don't Let Unintentional Abandonment Have The Final Word

With my former marketing company, I heard numerous experienced business leaders proclaim away many different marketing channels. They simply"didn't work".

“We tried billboards, and they didn’t work.” 

“We did social media marketing, and nothing happened.”

Pick a channel, and there was likely a prospect or customer who superficially claimed the endeavor was not fruitful. Well, if they didn’t work why do those channels still exist? Why do companies continue to pay good amounts of money to continue using them? Obviously, it's not simply the channel, but how we interact with those channels.

The more accurate way these businesses should evaluate these unintentionally abandoned efforts is summarized in the following statement: The way they executed didn’t generate the results they were expecting. 

Explore how taking ownership and changing expectations could open up new opportunities

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4 Tips for Overcoming Your Greatest Challenge as a Freelancer [for FreelancersUnion]

One of my mini-experiments from last month was submitting a guest blog article for Freelancers Union. This idea came as an encouragement from another Freelancer in the local Atlanta Freelancers Union Facebook group after she read one my freelancing articles here on the blog.
Since I’ve been publishing blog posts, I’ve stayed fairly active writing guest articles around the net. This initiative gets me outside my bubble to share insights with new folks and establish additional links to my blog (for better search ranking).
Well, the article I submitted last month about how freelancers can overcome their greatest challenge, is now live. In the newly published blog, I share a system for finding clients, creating a sustainable sales process, building a team of advocates, and doing stellar work that compels people to find us. 

[Interview] How Timecamp Empowers Freelancers To Measure Billable Hours

For over two years, I've been leveraging TimeCamp (affiliate) to track and report on my billable hours with active clients. Recently, I shared how this tool is a part of my daily startup routine to stay focused and get stuff done. 

TimeCamp Logo

As a result of this published article, the CMO invited me to participate in a written interview for their active blog, and I agreed. Here are the asked interview questions.

  • Can you tell us about your daily routine at work? How do you organize it?
  • If you were to advise a beginner entrepreneur who starts his/her first day as an employer, what would it be?
  • How did you find out about TimeCamp?
  • How do you use TimeCamp – is using our software beneficial to you and in what way?
  • To whom would you recommend TimeCamp and why?
  • I read on your blog that you have great business experience. Do you have any pieces of advice for us that could help us in the future?

If you're interested in my answers to these questions, I recommend clicking here to explore the article titled "How TimeCamp Helps Freelancers Measure Billable Hours" 

Hero Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash

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