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What’s Your True Professional Freelance Value?

When push comes to shove, do you know the true value you bring to the table?
A few years back, I had a referral client who hired me to help him with his Wordpress website. The project went well at first but it became obvious that my customer was having financial troubles. It was at this point he began questioning the value I brought to the project in his attempt to negotiate a lower rate. At the time I was at $75/hour (now $90/hr) and he stated that he could get someone to work on his website for a fraction of the cost. 

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Are You Willing To Accept Less Than What You Want?

We want what we want, but the important question is, are we willing to let go of our desires when the circumstances require it?
I currently own four pairs of Vibram Five Fingers shoes thanks to Zullily's sales. Yeah, Vibrams are the shoes with toes. Many years ago, I walked into my chiropractor's office and the staff was wearing and talking about these shoes. I was intrigued so in the following trip to visit my mother-in-law in Florida, I decided to buy my first pair of these odd minimal shoes and a pair of black toe socks to go with them. 

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How Self Inducing Constraints Leads to Creativity & Innovation

Are you brave (and disciplined) enough to impose constraints on your self to create the best possible product?
I'm taking small steps towards making movies, and I recently had an interesting idea on how I could go about developing and honing my craft through self-imposed creative constraints inspired by a famous director's recent success in doing just this.
M. Night Shyamalan (director of Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, & Signs) rediscovered his filmmaking ability with the huge financial success of Split earlier this year. I recently watched an interview with the director where he discussed how he artificially constrained himself to move back to his successful storytelling roots. 

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I'm Interested In Reading The Bible, Where Do I Get Started?

Have you ever read all of the Bible? Or, any of it? While I grew up a Christian, it wasn't until several years ago that I read the Bible in its entirety (From beginning to end). I had read and known a majority of the Scriptures but in a fragmented way, so when I finally came to realize I had never read it from the beginning to end, I decided to make it happen. Here's how I did it.

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Buckle Down, It's Time To Do The Hard Work You're Avoiding

Are you seeking out distractions to prevent yourself from having to do the hard work necessary to move forward on an idea, project, decision or business? Has the excitement and novelty worn out and now you're facing the difficult reality of what it takes to continue moving forward?
When we're face to face with the clarity that hard work is necessary to move forward and make progress, we can subconsciously hope a distraction finds a way, our way. Please, let anything come up so I don't have to do the hard task in front of me, we think. And the type of distraction we love in this state is someone or something that will do the hard work for us. Oswald Chambers says it well.

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Look What You Made Me Do: We're A Culture Of Thieves

I remember when Napster first came on the scene. Downloading music for free was now possible. I didn't care enough about music to have it, but when the option to download it for free was made available I did it (even though it was illegal). Then after it came other services for downloading movies, TV shows, games, and software. All of sudden, I now had access to whatever I wanted when I wanted it. I was only limited by my internet connection speed.

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Will You Transform A Life & Volunteer Somewhere?

Are you giving your life to someone by volunteering somewhere in your community? 
A few months back, my friend Issac Ingram contacted me about helping him with a short film project to inspire others to volunteer in their local communities. Issac has served in a youth detention center outreach organization (Team Freedom Outreach) to give young delinquents hope and to steer them away from a life of crime. 

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How I Organize & Backup My Computer Files And Folders

Do you have a standard method for organizing your files and folders? I've struggled over the years to create a system that would make it easy to organize, manage, and archive files and folders. And syncing them all up so I've got a backup of all these files is important. Well, I've created a good system for organizing my personal and work files and it not only allows me to manage them well, but it also empowers me to easily archive things.

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Walking Up Steps

Five Steps To Transform Your Messy Business Into A Well Oiled Machine

Companies have a way of getting themselves all tangled up and unnecessarily complicated. These organizations also fail to properly plan out their endeavors so after year's of business operations, there's a big mess that needs untangling before the company can move forward and thrive. 

Ideally, a company follows a framework like IDEMA from their origin but in reality, they almost never do. This pattern describes both companies I've worked with and a stage of owning my own marketing company.

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