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Look What You Made Me Do: We're A Culture Of Thieves

I remember when Napster first came on the scene. Downloading music for free was now possible. I didn't care enough about music to have it, but when the option to download it for free was made available I did it (even though it was illegal). Then after it came other services for downloading movies, TV shows, games, and software. All of sudden, I now had access to whatever I wanted when I wanted it. I was only limited by my internet connection speed.

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Will You Transform A Life & Volunteer Somewhere?

Are you giving your life to someone by volunteering somewhere in your community? 
A few months back, my friend Issac Ingram contacted me about helping him with a short film project to inspire others to volunteer in their local communities. Issac has served in a youth detention center outreach organization (Team Freedom Outreach) to give young delinquents hope and to steer them away from a life of crime. 

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How I Organize & Backup My Computer Files And Folders

Do you have a standard method for organizing your files and folders? I've struggled over the years to create a system that would make it easy to organize, manage, and archive files and folders. And syncing them all up so I've got a backup of all these files is important. Well, I've created a good system for organizing my personal and work files and it not only allows me to manage them well, but it also empowers me to easily archive things.

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Walking Up Steps

Five Steps To Transform Your Messy Business Into A Well Oiled Machine

Companies have a way of getting themselves all tangled up and unnecessarily complicated. These organizations also fail to properly plan out their endeavors so after year's of business operations, there's a big mess that needs untangling before the company can move forward and thrive. 

Ideally, a company follows a framework like IDEMA from their origin but in reality, they almost never do. This pattern describes both companies I've worked with and a stage of owning my own marketing company.

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How Business Owners Can Dramatically Improve Their Company Culture By Doing These Three Things With Their Team

Most business leaders (and managers of others) don't realize how their actions and decisions affect other people they work with. When we fail to act decisive, provide clear direction, and bring others along we're going to burn out our team, generate a slew of wasted efforts, and foster unhealthy conflict. We must operate in a healthier way.

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The Funny Story Of How I Started Eating Spicy Food

If you've known me for any period of time, you know I love spicy food. I've got over a dozen different hot sauces and salsas in our house. For every restaurant, I visit I'm seeking out the hottest menu items or asking for it extra hot. A few years ago, I was at a Thai restaurant in downtown Atlanta and I asked for my meal double Thai hot. They took my order and went back to the kitchen only to quickly return. He proceeded to tell me that if it was too hot and I didn't eat it I would still be responsible to pay for the meal. I agreed and my meal was cooked. It was yummy.

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Are You Prepared For When Your Website (or Blog) Is Hacked?

Whether you're an individual blogger or a business, it's likely at some point your website will get hacked. I've managed hundreds of websites over the years, and unfortunately, it is fairly common for this to happen. So there are two questions you need to answer. 
  • Have you done everything you can to prevent a website hack?
  • Are you prepared to restore your website in the event it gets hacked anyway?
It's not a question of if it'll happen, it's more likely a case of when. Well, at least when it comes to preparing, it's helpful to think in these terms. 

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Reflecting On The Third Quarter Of This Weekday Blogging Challenge

This post concludes three months of week-day blogging. Since I started on August 1st, I've written sixty-six blog posts over the three months. While I've had a few close calls I've successfully published without fail. At the same time, I definitely feel like it's the end of "the third quarter" as I enter my final month of the year with this blogging challenge (I'll be taking a break in the month of December).
Before I jump into my lessons learned and upcoming changes, I'm first reflecting on a few of the aspirations I had for my October blogging challenge.

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