What I've Been Writing About Lately

What I've Been Writing About Lately

It's April and I've only managed to write four blog posts on my website, and three of them were about Path Of The Freelancer. With the book release a week away, I've been working hard at spreading the word and expanding my digital platform. While my writing here has been light, I've been active writing in other places.

Here's a roundup of what I've been working on.

Book Interview

Freelance Related Content

Non-Freelance Related Content

Latest Hub Page: How To Build Awesome Joomla Websites

For the website design work I do, my preference is to use the content management system (CMS) Joomla. Joomla is a great open source resource and I love to help promote its use when I get the chance.

Over the past several months, several friends have asked questions about Joomla and as a result I have put together a great hub on How to Build Awesome Joomla Websites. If you too are interested, you can visit the hub by clicking here.

For those of you who missed my last two hubs, check them out by clicking the links below:

Dugout Technology Panel

Dec 6th: Technology Panel For Fathers & Leaders

Dugout - Presents Technology In Perspective - A fresh look at how business leaders and fathers can provide a safe, empowering technology experience.

Saturday, December 6th 8-10am.

12 Stone Hamilton Mill Campus - 2109 Teron Trace - Dacula, GA 30019

Panelists: Toby Bloomberg, Danny Davis & Craig Haynie


My Reflections On My 30 Years And The Lessons Learned

Here is an excerpt of my latest blog post as a resident writer for BeALeader... 
"The third decade of my life has passed and as I enter into a new season of life, I have found value in reflecting on the last 10 years of my journey. The last decade has included; getting married, moving across the country, finishing college, trying to make a movie, launching a political news site and running a marketing company. By the way, this was just how my wife and I started our 10 years. There was excitement, discovery, and vision. Ups, downs, successes and failures riddled throughout the journey, and it has brought me to realize four powerful truths..."

October 21st: Content Roundup


Content Created Around The Web

Top 3 Links

Leading On Business: Can You Still Be Kind To Others And Succeed?

kind leadership
Here is an excerpt of my latest blog post as a resident writer for BeALeader. 
"Deciding to stop being a kind person because people have been unkind to us is a tragedy. Doing so continues the cycle unkind people perpetuate. Instead, we ought to choose being kind to others knowing there will be times when they treat us poorly. Let's not have external forces define us, but instead let's decide who we want to be and how we want to respond. Let's also take responsibility and recognize it is likely our lack of firmness where we usually get hurt, not our kindness."

September 10th: Content Roundup

You may have been expecting a story/lesson this week, not the content of the month per my post last month. Based on my workload and wanting to provide quality content, I have decided to switch this week and next. This week we get the content of the month and next week you can expect the story/lesson post.

External Content Created By Me

Latest Guest Post On BeALeader - How Learning To Delegate Can Transform Our Businesses

Latest Hub On Hubpages - How To Make Your Business Successful

External Content Created By Others - Top 3 Links

If you are only able to check out 3 pieces of content this week, let it be these three...

The Top three links this month are three interviews with Simon Sinek, author of "Start With Why". If you have not seen his TED Talk, start by watching 'How Great Leaders Inspire Action' first.



July 30th: Best Links Of The Week


If you are only able to check out 3 pieces of content this week, let it be these three...

Top 3 Links

Go First by Seth Godin

Having God's "Unreasonable" Faith by Oswald Chambers

When we look at these words of Jesus, we immediately find them to be the most revolutionary that human ears have ever heard.

Secret #12: Know You Hit the Jackpot By Shaunti Feldhahn

To have a happy marriage, look for ways to give your spouse most of the credit for your relationship success – and you will live in regular, conscious gratitude as a result.

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